Friday, January 16, 2015

The Man who defeated the mountain before him-Dashrath Manjhi

Sometimes man is faced with cruel fate or nature. It takes away the only joy of a common man and also a poor man. 
Some of us have already heard about the man known as Dashrath Manjhi, the man who moved an entire mountain to his side by his will power after he lost his wife to it. That's utilizing anger correctly. 
The hero in the story lived happily with his wife in Bihar in the late 1960's in his village. The only hospital was about more than 20 km away from the village due to a huge mountain that stood in the way You can well imagine the state of villages in Bihar in that era. Nobody cared to come up with any solutions until one day... 
 His wife died one day when she fell ill and had to be taken to a doctor. She died on the way as they got late because of the heavy mountain in between. Dasrath Manjhi made up his mind to remove the mountain and make way for others so they don't have to suffer the same fate. Of course, he did meet with resistance. Nobody believed him or supported him. People called him mad. But for what?
He started cutting up the mountain with just some small equipments like chisel and the likes. People would make fun of him yet he continued in rain and cold weather alike. It took him more than 20 years to do the job. One fine morning, people woke up to see a surprise. The mountain had a hole in between, enough for a vehicle to pass to the other side of the road and make the distance less by 6 or 10 km. 
Read on further here how he maintained his cool and directed his anger in the right direction. 
That's will power. 

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