Tuesday, December 11, 2012

co incidence or something else?

Hey guys,
Back again...
Have you ever encountered a co- incidence or something like that in your life? We all have some or the other time at some places . There are endless cases of them.

The co- incidence i am thinking about right now is the earthquake that happened in Haiti recently this month. Is it a co incidence ?

You must be thinking of why I am giving it this name. We all must have in memory of our minds the earthquake of Gujarat , specially in saurasthra region. It happened exactly 10 years before on republic day in january. I can remember it very well because I was in 10th std at that time and I was enjoying the wonderful holday sleeping in bed when my bed began shaking violently.I thought it was my mom trying to shake me out of my bed and sleep , so when I opened my eyes, I was shocked to see no one near me. Wow! For the first time I had experienced earthquake.All ran out of the house only to return 5 mins back safely . God had spared Baroda. But  it was january month at year 2000 .

And this haiti quake happened in Jan 2010 . Exactly 10 years after. Is this co incidence or nature trying to warn us or tell us something. This Haiti earthquake has not even spared the presidential palace there. Nature when furious spares no one.  god's or nature's sense of humour is going sick day by day. Playing practical jokes on people who are backward compared to other world and that too in a place of Haiti. sick humor...

bye guys.... see you sometime soon.

2012 . Finally the date arrives.

2 Post's in a year? I am coming down by my ability it seems, doesn't it? Well, we have the saying,
" When it rains. it rains. When it does not, it is not ".

So , the much awaited, much speculated and much feared upon date - 21-12-12 is finally here. The day of the said impended Doooooom, the End of the world!.And The End of the universe.   :)

Let me disappoint you all. The end is not coming. The doom is not happening . AND YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DIE, UNLESS YOU MAKE A CHOICE TO DO SO.

Yes, We all have the choice . Simple choice to make, difficult choice to make, easy choice to make and not so easy choice to make . Choices we have , but not the result after the choices. Ha! Another irony.

Some wise guy wearing a peacock feather on his crown in an Indian story called ' Mahabharat' has said in his series of lectures called " The Geeta" , that all people have options for choices of what they can do or they can not do, a set of actions they can do and do not do, what they THINK or do NOT THINK, BUT fortunately or unfortunately , The consequences are not decided by us. It's decided by some guy sitting up there, who is called the creator and who it seems is obssessed to give only results not the choices.
The peacock feather guy says.. " leave all your result worries after doing your actions".  We can think like, he is telling that we can drive while drinking but the results will not be in our hands . Of course he is right, The results will be for all to see when we might be paying our bills thankfully in hospital if we manage to say hi to nurses .

The choices you make, they say, decides our results. The choice of action, the choice of words, the choice of behavior.... blah blah blah.. That's the job.

So now coming back to this 2012 Movie ... most of us think that we are gonna end up dying or dead .
Guys, Lets get to some facts, some prophesies and some assumptions

Prophecy  No 1. For Hindus
Those Guys who are Hindus , they might know that the original guy called " Lord vishnu" is his last avatar or last action hero role will come down in role of "The Kalki" at end of kalyuga .
If this is still going to happen , then how come the world is going to end?

Prophesy No 2  For all guys of all religions
If that bearded Nostradamus and those ancient Mayans have said that last calender will be on 21 .12 then , there might be some truth in that. Yes, The truth is ... Nostradamus's vision might only be limited to that date and the calender of Mayan's might have no page left after 21st. Seriously.

Now the facts:
Like I said, The facts are there and they may be Topsy curvy. The first fact I said in prophecy no 1.
Second fact is, why are we waiting for the destruction to happen only on 21st December  Is not the destruction happening even now? Destruction of japan quake, Destruction of tsunami and volcanoes and all other major destruction that is happening or happened? That is also to be taken into account. Not to forget the destruction of us, Human bodies every day when some of us die, even when the cells of our bodies die every minute. That is also destruction. Isn't it?

As some modern day sages and saints, some enlightened ones say , it is our choices right now at this point of time that will make us live post 2012. Yes our choices.
The world or the earth they say , is going to shift from its present dimension- 3rd or 4th to a new dimension called the fifth dimension . This will stay so for another 26000 years. This new dimension they say, only consists of our choices again. Choice of love, choice of faith and choice of choice to decide the choice.
This new world will slowly be only of love, faith, spiritual and of uniting with your self, the real self, the real god and healing all around

There are many websites and videos on Google and elsewhere , if you search them with negative and fear inducing things. There are also good videos and websites on Facebook and Google  if you search them with positives , of what you can do to help yourself in this 2012 thing and how to get up ahead and rise aboveeee..  That is what and when you make a choice. What to see and what to believe.

Actually on 21st or near that date, they say that all planets are going to line up behind each other before the sun like good schoolboys ready for exercise. Haha! We Indian's believe in all these Planets and all their effects so, when they line up behind each other, their frequencies and energies will change and come down heavily on earth. Now those, who think negative will get negative and those who think positive will get positive . Thinking is your choice, Getting is not.

So , what you can do to rise up and be happy as per the knowledgeable ones and enlightened ones is:

1. Forgive and ask for forgiveness to all unconditionally. Never a better revenge then to forgive.
2. Meditate.
3.Gratitude to all.
4. Think what you want. Here we are. When we want what we want, we think what we want but end up thinking actually what we don't want. If we are sick, We think, I dont want to be sick. We can think instead like ' I am healthy and fine".
5. Love all.

End of story. See ya on 22nd.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Small adventures turned big.

Ouu... Yes ! We are meeting almost again after a year and half... Just 1 Post in 2011... Even I cant believe myself . I am used to so much speaking and writing stuff that I could almost pass one whole year? Well It happens sometimes. Experimenting with colors here .Lets see how thee come up. 

So much has passed in 2011 right? The great Anna effect and protest by him, I leaving my present Job at the starting of this year ( uh.. I mean ex job. hehehe) . My parents going to Canada with me being king of my house for almost 6 months.( Again legally 2 months as my dad came back after only 2 but remained out of station nevertheless) Wandering about and going and visiting distant places all alone . My niece born at end of year and in middle of this year almost... I am getting to see her almost everyday and playing with her.2 of my clicked pictures getting to be there in exhibition in Ahmadabad..... In short many many many.... things came and went by. But have you ever just packed your bags and went off to a place you have just thought of in your mind one fine day ? Yes You guessed it right guys. we are going to talk about that today.

Job can do you wonders when you get all weekend off. You get the urge to follow your wishes every weekend. One fine week, I had the urge to go and visit the one and only one hill station in Gujarat. I just called my uncle who arranged for a place to stay for 2-3 days and off I went the next week to Saputara with minimal belongings. 3 pair of clothes, camera, a book to read and my mood.

We sometimes feel the need to travel and see places.I am no exception. I asked my 2 friends if they wanted to come along but they were too busy to come. I thought what the heck !  I will go alone with myself.
 :)  I went to the bus station to get into the bus at 8 pm . The bus didn't  come and I was stranded there for full 5 hours. My dad would call me to come home, but when one goes about to win a war... does he come empty handed. No. I waited till 12 am or pm or midnight, whatever you call.  I was going to lose my patience and go home defeated when the next bus came and it looked like it had came just for me. As soon as I stepped into the bus, it started off without waiting a minute more. 

The journey was uneventful except for the fact that the morning came about with a puncture . God gave me an opportunity to do some photography in and around till repairs were done. 8 hours later I was there in saputara. I expected it to be a big place . But it is smaller then a small city. 6000 people only as per census of 2001. If we guess at 2011 census it would be , lets say only 10,000 people. I just loved the place from where the saputara area starts. Greenery , forests, Rivers flowing. The area starts at dang or vaghai. 

I soon found out my abode for 3 days on entering saputara. It was a small guesthouse covered with garden. 
Being monsoon, Flowers were blooming at their best and greenery was giving itself a stiff competition.
I rested in my small room for some time and in afternoon went about sightseeing. My remaining stay there consisted of this timetable. Waking up at 5 30 in morning to enjoy the beautiful sunrise, Walk or jogging depending on my mood for half hour, Nasta on the way back, back to the room , bathing , reading newspapers, again wandering off and having my lunch at about 1 , coming back to the room, sleeping, resting on the veranda late evening and that's it.. By about 8 pm, the streets of saputara are almost deserted being a jungle area. It is one of the last station before Gujarat ends and maharashtra begins. Dinner you might ask me, My dinner consisted of 1 glass of milk or lime juice  or 1 coffee and sandwich.

During my 3 days stay, it rained for almost half a day one day,  so I had to be content with sitting on a chair on the veranda and stare at the vast jungle down there. My rest house  rested on a high altitude, So I could see 10  kms down . What a sight It was. Greenery. Steep land, Jungle , Serpent like roads and people on other side enjoying.  With no tensions on my mind, I just sat there the whole afternoon contemplating, watching birds, dozing off and meditating in the cool breeze. I also saw a very clear bright lightening stick across the hill with a clear force. It was just WOW. I also saw some horses roaming freely like cows do in early morning. Wow. I have a small dream of owing a horse one fine day and riding it in the city.

Saputara is a place worth visiting if you want to learn something about tribals ( Adivasis) and their culture. It has a museum specially dedicated for it. It also boasts of rearing bees or taming bees which we call it horticulture if I am not wrong. It is also famous for sunrise and sun set points . It is also famous for wild animals and  leopards as well.  

Speaking of leopards, let me tell you a real story. Its about me. On the second day, I wanted to see the sunrise so I got up at about 5 30 am , and readied myself to go up the hill to see sunrise. As I had to climb the hill a little bit, I decided to take a long stick so that I could support myself in rough land.  I soon reached there and sun was just about to rise. What a beautiful sight it was. The sunrise is always beautiful to watch when you are in nature's lap and there is greenery all around you with support of mountains. It was like the mountains were calling me to sit in their laps forever and be one with them. If it would not have been the love for my mother and love for my job as well, I would never have came down from there and would have become a wandering sadhu. 

What does one do when one is on top of the mountain in early morning with absolutely no one around? Yes!  Shout out aloud your top desires and what you normally want to say it loud but don't want others to listen. I did just that. I let out my most desires in a loud way and echoing myself. That's called freedom , ha. I was reminded of a song at that time. " Tanha dil.. tanha safar.. "And just as I calmed down, I started meditating for 15 mins in that silent void. Now guess what did I see when I woke up and started to see the surroundings around me. I saw a small animal figure at a distant coming out from the forest like trees . At first, I thought it was a dog or a fox, but as it came closer, I got the shock of my life. It was an adult leopard.  I was face to face with a leopard without a zoo, a circus, without any barrier between us. It also noticed me and we looked into each other's eyes for around 3-4 mins looking for any movement or any signal. I could have ran but it would have caught me in just 2-3 jumps and I would have forever gone as missing in police files. My grand father had told me once not to turn your back and run when you are confronted with a wild animal but to just look for some cues and just stand. I did just that. Running as I said would have been meaningless. The leopard must not have the mood for a fat breakfast so it just turned away and went back into the wilds. Thanks grand dad, you saved me after all these years. 

The last day , I hired a cab which took me down to see the waterfalls. There were about 3 waterfalls and as always they were magnificent. Unfortunately, swimming is not allowed there. I came back and packed and went to the bus station and boarded the bus at about 8. On my way back, I made a promise . I will again and again keep returning back to see this wonderful land and explore more which was left. I could not see the sunset , the bee man and the locals performing dances.
Want to see the pictures I clicked? You can see them in my facebook id. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2505764721134.2138375.1163499024&type=3

In my next adventure, I will tell about pushkar, ajmer in rajasthan and the sadhus . Those will be in parts. So wait for more.