Sunday, April 23, 2017

Be Health, Go Happy & Try Natural

Too hot this season, isn't it?

Damn this global warming, Damn these politicians! And Damn US! ( It is us-we and not U.S) 

Yes Us,but why? Who elects the politicians? We. Who creates pollution and trash? We. 

So what is the solution? While owning to our habits, we can't go completely natural or healthy or organic, we can at least try at 35%?


Using less plastic. Plastic takes millions of years to disintegrate in earth. And we keep making it. We can order drinks without straws, how about that?

Using LED Bulbs and lights

Shop and eat organic foods. Atleast they are healthy and naturally tasty.

Use cloth bag for shopping.

Shop more often at your local stores instead of supermarkets. They anyway have lots of money.

Use non toxic body products for a change

Conserve water. There are lots of ways to do that. Google it. 

Plant 2 trees on your birthdays and anniversaries. And maintain them till they can maintain on their own.

Turn off your Wi-fi at night when you go off to sleep. Anyway you are not using it while sleeping and the rays affect your health while you sleep. Heard of Arthritis, Depression, Headache, Memory Loss, Eye issues? 

When its raining, smell that wonderful aroma from the earth.

Walk more often.

Play with a small child

I have been trying to do these things, and it has made me satisfied and happy and more healthy.