Saturday, October 15, 2016

Have you ever...?

We all go to a nice place for a retreat or chill out, probably near a beach or a small forest nearby sometimes in our life. 
We all think of having a perfect holiday.. like, getting up late.. watching TV until mid morning... then going out for a breakfast and then on shopping and then the other activities... ending up at a disco or dinner or a movie... 

But how many of us prefer to visit a beach or the jungle early in the morning to see nature at its best? Very few.

I had the rare opportunity to be at a beach one morning in Goa before the sun rose. What did I sese? Nothing spectacular except that I could hear the pure silence at the beach, the water making a splashing sound that I could hear clearly unlike the previous day when the beach was busy with people and activities. 

                                                         This pic is not mine... 

The splashing sound of the water early in the morning is worth to hear. Silent, fun, contemplative... That sound is the purest from the regular 'sounds' that we hear in our lives. The bird world had also not awaken so you can imagine. The bonus? The sun arising slowly.

Worth a try sometimes.