Sunday, May 2, 2010

The question of The D day in everyone's life.

Hey guys
 Sorry for not coming the whole month as I was very busy after exams and exams and exams.. the list can go on. and on.
Come April and the time of exams stars . And also the time to make everyone APRIL FOOL.

I did manage to make some of my friends the APRIL FOOL by playing a small traditional prank .
Half marriage. yes! engagement. They did get fooled of course but some are smart and did not get fooled.
But that make me thought for a while about this whole marriage thing.

Everyone , almost everyone, manages to marry or say, marries in his/her lifetime. Some do not marry and choose to live a more satisfied life their way. Some marry their sweetheart from school/college/workplace, some marry in traditional arranged marriage way and some as per the new marriage style.. same gender.hahaha
Forget about the last sentence. That was just a joke. So how easily we get grown up and then have our own thoughts and ideas for this 'marriage ' thing. My own brother had a rather dramatic marriage , the first in the family by doing 'love Marriage'. We will go into it sometime later.

It set me thinking one fine day in April this year , if I would choose to marry or not or rather I should marry or not when proposals started coming for my brother Abhijit's marriage based in wipro in Bangalore. We have always been on joking mode between us brothers on the topic of marriage . Even it got me into double thinking of how we grow up so soon , when just a year before, my family started topic of marriage and groom searching for my cousin sister. How we were just kids or teenagers and we or rather I would terrorize my sister by playing different pranks and would try to make her cry so often and how we have grown up now that she is big enough to carry herself for marriage and would go away in a year or so .

My brother does not want to marry , he says so, this soon . He earlier said , he would think of marriage after 4 years., then slowly over time, he came down to just 2 years, now don't know whether he would still lower another year or so .His ambitions and ideas of course.But the question remains? should one marry because he/she has just came of age or should marry when he/she  is internally ready?

So when should one marry to decide to marry? When he is financially independent , secure in everything , of age? Or as per the society norms? the question remains unanswered every time because of different views.
How should one choose a life partner? Does one's responsibility end or begin after marriage? Rather I think it does begin.
As per my belief, one should choose his/her life partner such, that the partners should carry each other or say, compliment each others life . They should help each other over reaching their goals , whether they are financial, spiritual, or other life goals. After 40 years , one should not think that he/she had made a mistake by marriage.

Personally speaking, I dont plan to marry at all and even if i plan to do so , i will marry a person who can take me ahead in my life goals and also help me and I can also be of help to her somewhat. I dont understand how people do manage to fall in love. What chemical reactions happen when a person falls in love? ha! some other time again for this discussion.

Well , I had many thoughts but I am not here to write about the institution of marriage, just came here to share my thoughts . Marriage if not done they say is bad and if done is also bad after some time. so what to do?
experience the laddoo or not to eat the laddoo and be happy in seeing others married lives?

see ya