Friday, August 15, 2008

the passing of time?

yes friends, the passing of time is the topic I intended to write today on the eve of our India's independence day .....
61 years of independence has passed and do we care really? are we excited about our independence day as compared to friendship day or valentine's? The answer may come in negative most of the time and we are not to be blamed fully also, as with time goes the excitability we possess also goes. Days before the friendship days and valentine's we make plans for that but do we make plans days before this date? No, because we know its the same old politicians making old rugged speeches in parliament. the only one politician we are ever happy to watch is a certain yadav who with his humor and wit does manage to even put a smile on our face when he speaks and who has made a certain govt. sector profit making one... full kudos to him...

ya the passing of time.... the biggest factor is time on this earth..... time compromising of seconds, mini seconds, then minutes then hours, then one full day and then fortnight and then a month and then some months and then a year and then years ..... it moves on giving each and everyone some wisdom, some thing to think about and something to ponder deeply. yet some are there who are careless about time and some are there who are way ahead of time and yet some are also there who are way behind of time and some go along with the times.

how soon time flies even we dont seem to remember, once a baby in our parent's arms now a full grown adult and tomorrow's parents of someone else also....
with time comes and goes friends, education, some philosophy as well , some masti , some tragic moments as well as some humouristic also.

did people even imagine some 90 years ago that people after certain years would fly to another country as if they are moving to next village or town for a visit? do we even now imagine that future guys sometimes after a time have their own private jets instead of vehicles to fly down to work or anywhere they want to go?
and what not ......

speaking of going out of country, i remember an anecdote or say a conversation that happened couple of days back with my friend. that friend of mine has had his education in a gujarati medium and you can say he is like tottally desi . i may be mistaking him but he he appears that as of now. he is going abroad to do his masters and he comes up to me one fine evening and trys to be mature enough and says ," kuldip, when are you marrying? its high time now you think of marriage so that you can at least marry some 3 years after. "
i asked him the same question and he said he would do so 2 years after he comes back on a visit.great i can say but who has seen the tomorrow is the big question?
and we are only 24 years young as of now and he is already thinking of marriage.....
who knows what time may hold for us and if he would be able to marry his sweetheart or not..... pehle padhaai par dhyaan de varne chori bhaag jayegi or tu devdas ki tarah apni paroooooooooo ko dhoondta reh jayega.

iam in mood of philosophy right now so will go on like this in my next post

executive type 3 - bhelpuri type

does this color up there sounds good ? i suppose not. so lets switch back to this color presently.

Ok, so i now present after a hectic month almost the third type of executive called the bhelpuri type.
this type of executive is like the topic mixed with honesty and the opposite of that which i don't need to say. he is clever where he should be, he is honest where he should be, he is dishonest also where he should be and doesn't reveal what he shouldn't be doing.
he is like panipuri and bhelpuri type .....
at end he is concerned whether the customer has fallen in his fishing net or not. so that when he goes back to his office, he can proudly boast to his colleagues about his feat he has done for the day and how he managed to pin the customer.

i know i think that my writing talent is gone somewhere with that humor and wit going somewhere to graze in monsoon but i also think that i will bell them out from somewhere and will be able to present it to you guys.
maybe there is nothing much left to tell now. even the fourth one is predictable.
lets see if i can present the various types of people who walk in to the bank to do their business.
but iam in different mood today so that topic can COME ANOTHER DAY.