Thursday, February 25, 2010

making an impact?

What do you do when you are visited by someone to inspect you or your firm or institution ? What do you do to impress them that they give you some stars and grants? 
You try every rule in the book to impress them and earn accolades.

Thats what one of ex-famous or once upon a time famous now in-famous institution of learning did this month.... yes, am talking about the M.S.University of Baroda which was once famous for learning and now also it is famous but for all the wrong reasons.

The university was visited by a "Naac Team" which is supposed to give accreditation or grants to colleges and asses the performance last week.

And as usual before the team came... the college which in regular days was a dustbin literally or in garbage condition was spotlessly clean and the pale buildings were painted and all the dust cleaned to give a good impression. Even the classrooms which were  literally like store rooms were so clean that the students could hardly believe their eyes that this is the university they are studying in.Overnight the parking facilities came in place where earlier the students could park their vehicles wherever they could please to.

And now comes the fun part. It is reported that the team though impressed by the outer cleanliness was not impressed with the inner 'person' of the college . In the presentation given by the vice chancellor , he gave importance on its history and how it was made on which the team was irritated and asked him straight on what was the achievements of past 4 years and what would be the future agenda or plans of the university. You just can not go on with your past always. The team which was just to visit 2 faculties then formed a team and decided to visit other faculties as well. 

The way mockery was made by the team on the university , if it continues in future, I am sure that the day is not too far when the college would be deprived of grants and other basic amenities.

see ya guys...
Kulls, kullu, kulli..