Sunday, March 8, 2015

Beef Ban: About the Right Time it Came.

In the last part of February 2015, Maharashtra implemented beef ban. While there are divisions in the society about the ban, many going in for pro ban while many going against the ban, it has now become the law. 

The Punishment if you don't agree would be prison for 5 years with fine of Rs 10k. 

India, until last few years was majorly regarded as an agriculturist country. Now, it has shifted majorly towards industrialization with the advent of new govt at the center. Lets see into brief about this new Ban and whether it will be of any benefit to least the cow.

Under the law, the cow slaughter is prohibited in the state already under the Maharashtra Animal Preservation Act of 1976. Not only the new law bans the killing of cows but it will also prevent the killing of bulls and bullocks as well. So with cows, these 'Guys' will also benefit. Alas, the buffaloes were not spared! Win some, lose some. 

Hypocrisy and India! Sounds familiar? It is. Rurally, India worships cows and labels it as the 'mother'. When I relate India with this, I mean the Majority 'Religion, The Hindus. In Gujarat, when we were kids, we learnt somewhere in our books that Cow is our Mother for the utilities it provides to us. 

In urban areas, some middle class Hindu Families still believe in this concept and abstain from eating beef. But those in the elite class of people have different views. Maybe to keep up with their 'peers'. 

 'गाय हमारी माता है-

This is what we learned in our text books and taught by our families. It does not mean however that they were treated equally good. Look anywhere around you and you will see them loitering in the streets, neglected by their owners only to be remembered when its milking time. For a while I was under the impression that cowherds or their owners take good care of them. But not anymore. They are hardly taken to the veterinary docs when they fall ill ultimately left to die. 


Humans consider every living thing under them to be below their par. The cows are also living beings? Just because you feel the need to eat something different and the 'In thing', that does not mean that you eat it. Of course, the Muslim brothers are allowed to eat beef in their religion. Do not know about the Christians. To appease them, some slaughter houses and butchers encourage their killings illegally. Some restaurants also are against the ban. Obviously!

They argue that people will go out of business leading to more complications. There are more jobs to take up other than these. Explore them...

Some say the ban is one of the most extremist thing to do. Like seriously? Do you have the right to kill and eat other living beings. Ok that you are a Non vegetarian and all that but why not accept and adapt to the laws of the country and suit yourself to eat fish, chickens, etc.. etc? Have you ever seen a chicken or a cow getting slaughtered? There is something to hearing it and seeing it live! 

How can any one see a living being die just for your stomach? Again, go and see a butcher shop nearby you. The Film fraternity of India  is again hypocrite. Some girl on rediffmail put down her views that although she is a vegetarian, she supports beef eating. Great! She does not want to impose her views on anyone. Again Great! But then they ought to see these pictures on an article that Ms. Poorva Joshipura (click on the name) wrote on a popular social media blog. Just read her article and you will understand what I am intending to say.

A popular Bollywood music composer had a view that although he is a veg. he believes in freedom of choice for others. This freedom of choice can be practiced with common sense, isn't it? There are approximately more than 30,000 illegal slaughterhouses in India. Imagine, a living being giving you all that you want-Milk and other dairy products.. that you want in morning and evening, but you don't even care a damn when it goes for killing, that too a healthy one. These cows even see other cows getting killed in front of them mercilessly. Again see the link given above. 

I hope other states apply this partially or whole.