Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bas aise hee

Hey friends....
This time we are meeting after almost 7 months and yes! happy new year to you all..
this time i came late with same reason..job hunting but at end i got the job... so its with a minor difference..

What is my job you would sure like to ask ... well... I got job in a German based engineering firm located outside/inside the city. and what do i have to do?
Work on SAP system making purchase orders..and stuff....

Unique are the god's ways... I was praying constantly to the guy up there to give me a good sitting job away from my natural marketing jobs and away from my city.. possibly even outside gujarat. He accepted my prayers in a partial way though, he gave me a job in a reputed German engineering firm with which i would get a SAP experience and go ahead and where? You can say, its in the district i live in.. you can also say.. its outside the district... I got a job near Savali village near vadodara right near the expressway of Baroda-Ahmedabad. Top of it all, I get Weekend off as is the norm nowdays for MNC... so i can pursue my interests there. And I am loving it! Of course you have to love it when you eat hot "bhajiyas and samosas every week in office or every 3rd day sometimes for some reasons.hahahaha right, We do celebrate the weekend with this hot breakfast.

So much has happened during these 7 months... life, people, country etc etc.
I got a nice camera for my interest in photography.. Of course its just a small digital camera and not Hi fi like Nikon and Canon... but I am loving it and have shot some nice shots... Want to see some?
plus the two beautiful images at the starting of this page also signifies it...
Hows the butterfly by the way guys? It is sitting like its modelling for the photo session..You can see it in my facebook link... and one of them is already posted here..This time we are meeting after almost 7 months and yes! happy new year to you all..
this time i came late with same reason..job hunting but at end i got the job... so its with a minor difference..

Sometimes when you get something good... then also you always yearn for more... if only i would have got this much more.. if only i would have got this post.. This IF ONLY always comes in middle...
just like Our P.M Mr. Manmohan singh said last week... "I am not alone responsible for all the things that happened... Dont make me a scapegoat". Ya right! We all know under whom you function and who is the Real prime minister. If only the scams would not have happened. hee haw.... of man's psychological desire to capture something outside his limits of memory so as to remember and see for later time... I wonder how it must have started as a hobby when one of the earliest cameras must have been invented and then transformed into a professional thing. Fashion photography, nature photography, candid photography, dark photography and yes! Right photography for films also.
Man and his unique ways to come up and be recognised. Surely a matter of research.
and what cameras... first it was kodak and other simple cameras , started with roles of 36 and then slowly moved to digital cameras where you can actually see what you are going to shoot and do the settings.. settings for inside, settings for sunrise/sunset, settings for pets shooting.. etc etc... list goes on and to where it is now.. smile photography where the camera shoots only when you smile .. but what if one does not wanna smile and just give a serious pose? hmmm then buy another serious camera. HAHAHA. Now Canon and Nikon rocks the market coming up with various cameras of different alphanumerical names. D700, D300, 78P . Shakespeare if alive today would have revised his line and said " there are many things in name buddy" 

And yes! One surprise for me last week as well.. I passed my D.C.A,yes I now have 2 degrees . ha!.. yes that last exam I was talking about in my last blog , I just had to do and submit a project and I did submit a project.. hohoho...

lots of things to be written... yet less time.. things on amitabh bacchan, things on photography, philosophy , village people and their simple ways... but with time.. passes the time and with passing of the time... passes the man.. wow...good line what say? Man going abroad to earn more.. man coming back to earn more...people earning just good enough and living satisfactory...And a man living in a mansion called antilla with tag of most richest man in world and generating light bill of 40 lakhs in his home of just 5 persons.. is not this paradox? where the same energy can be useful to other poor people in country, the energy is used in his 5 -8 storey house for just 5 people. ha!

will come soon with a serious post next time.. this was just a hi hello type for the new year..