Monday, April 2, 2018

My Bhuj Diaries 2018. Part-1

Sometimes parents want to take a day trip some 500 km away for a particular reason or so. They don’t even prefer to visit the nearby famed locations even if there are 4 days of holidays ahead.
My Mum wanted to visit Bhuj-Kutchch and a famous goddess temple-Mata no Madh from quite a year now. I had some holidays lined up ahead and I was excited to again visit Kutchch. But as usual, my excitement was punctured by her.
” I only want to visit there for a day. Take me if you want to, otherwise I can go by myself”.
As all of my attempts to pacify her failed, I booked railway tickets at the last hour for just the two of us. The journey was fruitful.
We all know there are some ‘Characters’ that we find in the train in India. This story is about one of them.
As we boarded the train, there was an uncle in his early 60’s sleeping on the upper birth opposite us. One assumed that he was there from earlier station. He preferred to maintain his position till Ahmedabad came, sleeping merrily.
A lady came into the scene next and awakened the gentleman after prodding him at least 5 times. He awoke from his beauty sleep only to question the lady with:
She: Uncle, ye meri seat hain ( Uncle, this is my seat)
He: Oh, Ahmedabad Aa gaya? ( Oh, has Ahmedabad come?)
She: yes, Uncle.
He: Kab Aaya Ahmedabad? ( When did Ahemdabad come?)
She: 5 Min Pehle aaya. ( 5 Mins before)
He: Yeh aapki Seat Hain ( Is this your seat?)
She: Yes
He: When will the train leave the station?
She: (Getting Irritated) In 5-10 minutes uncle. Can I now please get the seat.
He: Yes.
That was the end of the episode. But the nature of questions he put before the lady looked stupid and irritating.
Some more anecdotes coming up in few days.