Sunday, May 5, 2013

When age is just a Number

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Last time, we had talked about one of the bravest man in Indian army who is now gone-Sam Manekshaw.

Now, how would you feel if you were in different planets of the solar system and wanted to know your age.

I have not studied Physics that much, but we all know that our age calculation differs and is different from that of earth when we are on different planets.

On this website I am going to give here, You will get your age in days and years when you are on different planets. As an example, I saw that , on present age of mine-28 years, my most old age was that on Mercury of about 119 years.
I am shown very young in my days of Jupiter and Pluto. About 15 and  0.115 years respectively.
Check it out on this website.  You will love it.
Also, you will get an explanation down below, on why your age seems to be different. For all those science guys.. there are kepler laws listed with examples. A great website. Try it.

Someone has rightly said. Age is just a number, 

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Abhijeet Jhala said...

Yes its all because of the rotation and revolution of the planets.. Pretty simple.. just like how your weight differs on different planet due to gravity..
and its also fun and a good time pass too.. good way to act younger on some planets and older on other.. lol.. nice..