Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Impulsive Decisions Do You Good

Have you ever thought of quitting your job if you are not enjoying it for some unknown reasons? I bet we all have did so in some point of time in our life. 

Have you ever planned of things that can be done after quitting the job ? Again, the answer may come in positive. 

I did just that in December 2014. Having been in the economic capital of Gujarat, Ahmedabad for close to 2 years now as a content writer for a well known company, I was somehow not enjoying it despite giving my more than cent percent efforts. 

I suddenly gave my resignation and they were kind enough to accept it without any issues. What was most surprising to me was that my family also were supportive enough of my decision. They asked me to take a few days. I had wanted to visit North India and possibly the Himalayas, but nature chose otherwise and played a Villian's role plus the NRI season and expensive packages. 

I managed to choose another option: That of going to Kutchch and experience the Royalty factor. 

The Gujarat Tourism department came to my help and up I went on a 5 day journey to almost all the regions of Kutchch. 

It did give me a nice opportunity to do photography, meet new people, see new handicrafts and embroidery items. 

2000 km in just 5 days and it left me gasping for more.... 

By god's grace, I also got a new job in my own city.

Will keep posting the photos more. 

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