Saturday, January 3, 2015

Cataract Shocker

Happy New Year 2015

Sometimes, you take people around taken for granted, such as your parents. As a child, you expect them to be around  forever only to be reminded by nature that age catches up on them as well. 

My mother has been gradually getting weaker by her memories and keeps forgetting things from couple of months.. We two often joke if its the start of Alzheimer or not. She has just crossed 60 and says that she may actually be losing her mind. These jokes make the day lighter and to some extent make us ready for what is to come, if at all. 

But today evening, she dropped in a bomb. She told me, " I am going to have a cataract operation next month". I was surprised if not shocked. Of course, her eye sight has been weak from last 5 years due to regular home work and stress and she has been regularly going to the doc.

Even if the modern medical field has jumped leaps and bounds every year or few months.. you still can not erase that long distant memory of people wearing those dark heavy specs after the cataract operations. Now, the process gets over only in couple of hours, and you get back to doing your normal routine by end of the day compared to the old days where you could not take out those black goggs.. 

But all the same, it got me thinking... I guess men are close to their mothers and females to their dad. So, it got me thinking that there may come a time when I may have to face a situation where she is no more there in the physical world. It just gave me shivers!!!

Good Night!

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