Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Tale of hero(ism)ics.

We generally hear real time stories of people who have suffered suddenly from some accident or a fateful incidence in their lives and how they have come up. 

But seldom do we hear about people who have got injured when in their childhood or just at the threshold of teenage ears, with injury more than 60% yet have managed to stand up on their feet. 

One such person or a girl is Miss. Malvika Iyer. 

Malvika, who was in her teenage years and had just entered her 13th birthday lost both of her legs and almost her leg when a shell exploded in her hands.

Now you might be wondering, what was she doing with a shell.. Well, the local government administration can be sometimes irresponsible to the society. An ammunition depot had caught fire and some arms had spread all over. The authorities had assured that it was a diffused shell, so there was no need to worry. 

Next, being a kid only then, ( in 2002) she did not understand what it was and took it to fix something in her pocket. Next, an explosion and no hands! Plus two years in the hospital recuperating and coming terms with the accident. 

Imagine that you have always been an active person and suddenly you are paralyzed. Either you resign yourself to fate and self pity or make up your mind to do the next better thing you can do. Malvika chose the latter. 

With help of her mother and some great friends, she not only diverted her mind to studies and topped her exams, she also got prosthetic hands and became a Economics Graduate with honors. Whats More, she was invited to meet by then President of India, Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam. She was also invited in the world famous TEDX talk.. 

Rest... you can read the story here

It is surely a challenging real life story, right? I am sure that someone will make a film on her sometime. 

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