Friday, September 5, 2014

Samsung Technology at its Great Innovative Level


My colleague and friend at Lets Nurture, Harshil Patel, who is a wonderful and intellectual techno blog writer has posted some innovative and informative  blog on Samsung’s latest product titled as  ‘Samsung Note 4’.
What are the new features? 

Let me state them in brief before giving you the link of his blog

‘Shining Design’

‘”With the release of Galaxy and Note in the past, Samsung has changed the entire smartphone era! Having sleek design and creative graphics, these phones created quite a buzz in the market. Unpacked Episode 1 at Barcelona on 24th February, 2014 was a delight for all the Android users, as Samsung Galaxy s5 was unpacked. The smart ‘S Pen’ release made all these devices even better. But this was just a beginning for Samsung smartphone users!”


‘Colors and Pixels’

“Note 4 was unveiled amidst the audience and it had a sparkling design with vibrant colors. You will be able to see few features of Galaxy 5 in this smartphone. The device has come up with a dynamic lock screen supporting HD images with 2560 x 1440 pixels. Hence, it has opened the doors for android application development providing firms to work on apps with HD images.”

Read the blog to know further. Harshil has gone a step further in explaining the technology as simple as possible.

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