Wednesday, December 16, 2009

mumbai visit. part 1

hey guys.....
Ya , I think I am addicted to internet and blog. Its been a part of my everyday life. Such that if I sleep without cheking my mails and some sites at night, I feel I have missed out something that day.
What to do? Aadat se majbur.

So right now, I will tell you some of my experiences of my mumbai visits this year .
This year, you can say has been one of travelling year. Though I can say that I have not travelled that much , but still what do you tell of a person who does not  go out of his city that often and all of sudden , he is let loose on his own to do things he wants to do? thats what is happening to me nowdays.. Suddenly and unexpectedly, I am travelling .

My first visit to Mumbai after so many many years was approximately in august 2009. I had last visited it when maybe I was begginning to come in my teen years. I was going to pay a visit to my cousin who was working there and was calling me .

I was having a pre impression of mumbai, that it is a noiseless city infested with careless people having attitude of " I don't care a damn" and with "bhai log". and a crowdy city and some more.
But to say that only 2 of my pre conceived notions came true. Rest may have been overlooked or ignored by me or may not have been in my luck to see.

I stayed in one of Mumbai's silent area called goregaon ,infested with malls every 10 meters. Though it was among malls, it was still silent . The first time I stayed in west area crowded with malls and other shops, second time i stayed in east area, which I was surprised to find was filled up with a semi jungle area  and some hill station type of view . wow... was i dreaming?! trees in Mumbai? But that was true.

Ok so you might be thinking that we might have been roaming around in mumbai the most of the day  and drinking  away. No, wrong. I stayed there for around a week , and to say the least we never actually traveled during the daytime. Only after noon, we did think of going out. and why? Because my too good great brothers slept up til noon while, I idled away on tv and net . what can i do? I cant sleep more after 7 am at the most. Such sleeping energy, people have got.

We traveled in mumbai's luxurious local transport system. Yes, am talking of local trains. hoards and hoards of guys come out and in of each local trains daily . it is a miracle as to how the guys there manage to have the local trains on time each day. You don't have to worry about going in or out. Just stand there facing the direction you want to go , and you will get there automatically with 50 people behind you pushing you out or in.
But it did give me fun to travel in local trains such that i actually looked forward to it every time. And it also provided me enough practice to actually get some space inside before I would come there again.I think, the local trains should be awarded some award of some type of best public transport system or something. the local trains have improved much much compared to before.

Well, we travelled to usual places there ,  that is juhu beach, gateway of India, Marine Drive , etc, and yes would the journey be complete without seeing the house of the superstar of millenium Mr Bachchan?. Just sad that didnt get to see him .
The pigeons at india gate are  a site to watch. They have formed a practice to take grains from your hands. Great. Atleast they teach people to trust each other and be innocent . Some lesson to learn.

What do people do when they have had a heavy lunch in a restaurant and then go out for a stroll at juhu beach in evening time? Of course, get wet and eat some pani puris and light weight. But here also, me and my brothers started ordering heavy cheese pizzas and other stuff. People also do have heavy capacity to eat anything , anytime.

And like i said , Mumbai is filled up with malls and malls, so off we went to the nearest mall within walking distance of our place. the Inorbit Mall. I learned recently that it is the biggest mall in India.
Well not surprised, but yes, among all the malls I have seen, this mall has been my favorite to haunt.
Go and visit this mall once if you want some more each and every time but yes with enough bucks in your pocket.

Other great place to visit is Haji Ali dargah. The place is situated right in the middle of the sea we can say. But as you enter from the crowd and noise of the city to this Dargah, you experience a quite serene peaceful atmosphere . you feel such peace inside that you would always like to stay then and there.

Like I said Mumbai is nice city to live in but only if you have enough bucks in your pocket ,otherwise the City does not care who you are even if you are some son of a influenced person also. Money is what matters the most.

Next time , i will write my experiences of the people there in my second part. see you guys soon.

bye bye

Monday, November 23, 2009

lost in the market

Hey guys...
Its me again.
Nowdays I am missing Kullu Manali for some Known and unknown reasons. I will tell you a real thing from my explorations there.Funny, yet good.I was lost in the year 2007 when Ihad gone to manali and had got "lost" or wandered away in the manali market.
But having lost or wandered away from my other friends.. nor I was confused nor I was frantic nor nervous. I was simply happy. Iwas enjoying the market. you know why? let me tell you in brief.

It was our third day at the camp and we were led to the hadimba temple premises of the kulu manali.
Before entering in, we were told by our guides or volunteers to come at 12:20 sharp at the same place.It was around 11 am at that time.
We were group of around 60 people. In i went to explore with my friend. there was a crowd in the temple so we decided to move around for some time. during the moving around, my friend got separated from me. after the visit to the temple.. I got to know that there was a small market down the lane.I started for there and got lost in the different shops offering different wodden things and other clothes. so engrossed was i in the shops and wandering around that I did not know what the time was. It was only when i happened to look in one of the shop's clock  selling wooden furniture that i got to know the time. It was 12:45 pm.

SHIT! I said to myself. i am done for. i quicky started running down when i was faced by my two volunteers coming to search me. they saw me and told me," man... you are done had our hearts in our mouths. Now pay after going down and talk with the main guy. what could i do? i simply said sorry and started to go down, but they stopped me and asked me to go by different direction. we went down by different direction from the hills and among the small lane of houses of the locals.
wow! I was so glad that i had made a mistake. I could literally see the clouds coming down and such was the atmospthere that there were no words to describe.  It was raining also.I snapped some pics of the atmosphere  when we were returning down.. And soon we were in the clouds for 4 seconds. wow.Want to see some of them? they are below.


Soon , we reached to the main market area of manali called nehru chowk and was soon led to the main guide or volunteer. after giving me some few firings to go back to camp and after me saying sorry some 10 times, he relented. and again, I was in midst of my freinds.
Now comes the interesting part. While I was lost or say wanderings, all had gathered down at appointed time and all were asked to see if any of their freinds were missing . they found 1 missing and wondered who was it. My tent mate realised it was me , and shouted, " JHALA. sir, jhala is not there. all started to wonder if I was lost or i was kidnapped. but as soon as they saw me.. all we did was laugh and fun.. The market as such is small but it is filled with different shops selling different things. You can see more foreigners then Indians there.
I recommend everyone once to go to Kulu Manali once in a lifetime. You will not reget it guys.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

absent minded professor?

hey guys
how are you? i come to you this time not with any sermon , not with any suggestion , not with any debate.. I come to you this time with a funny incident of my college which happened with me today .

i thought it was too much of long posts and discussions so let me just put up this funny thing...

I have recently started studying for a DCA course in computer. a student of my " caliber" studying something of computer and that too subject of C programming. wow!  But miracles do happen sometimes.
ya, so we gave our first internal exams around 2 months back and the results were just declared last week..Well what to say of our great college. At the time of marks declaration i was not there due to some reason.. Although i am a regular there and all know me including the teaching staff, I was not present during marks giving. I am among the few rare flock who attend his lectures "Regularly".  If you look up at him, you are sure to be reminded of an adult Rabbit. So I expectedly went up today on prior appointment  to the C programming teacher and asked him my marks.

That guy gave me a blank expression giving an impression that i was an alien from outer world. I had to give my introduction 2 times, after that he gave me another blank expression like i was disturbing his afternoon nap. He, fortunately found my paper among his heap of files and paper quickly  and without looking up , hopelessly gave it to me.

Needless to say that the marks on the paper were not much looking after and looking at all of my friends and classmate's paper , comparatively i would say that i had secured marks good enough to laugh about . i had got a single digit mark[s] along with the class scholar.ha ha!

after coming out, i called out my friends who had not got their marks like me and they quickly went in. Looks like he was so frustrated on us or on his day goings that within 5 mins, I saw him go out of college hurriedly.

But mind you, he is a genius in his subject and well read.

ok so here completes my funny incident of the day and i should say a short one.
WOW! I did this short?  I cant believe my eyes man.

see ya.. enjoying another miracle right now.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

whose world is it anyway?

Hi friends
Its been almost 2 months now that we met and talked. there are many topics to discuss but out of many topics , to choose one topic is very hard and difficult. last time i came up with a bit spiritual topic on helping the dying. this time what do we do?

Hows your diwali going? Must be going on fine and cracky and fun... what do we mostly do in diwali? Of course you might say, this guy is a fool to ask what we do as it is quite obvious of what everyone does in diwali... eating sweets, bursting crackers and what not? right , i meant the same thing. bursting crackers....

We , that is most of us indians burst crackers during diwali. And why diwali alone, we do this on marriage, utrayan , and other joyous occasions , right? Right. We do this.. each time we buy crackers with loud noise and different variations. But have we cared to ever to think about the environment around us or the climate which has became moody? The answer is BIG NO.
You will say that here goes this guy ranting the same old thing about global warming and climate change. Ya ,here i go doing the same but its time I , you, WE, and ALL of us do the same and Act... otherwise we will be telling stories to our kids or grandkids about what existed back then in our time and how we could see some of the things easily and not available "now"

What do we do about this climate change? How do we celebrate a good diwali? Bursting crackers only? Is diwali only celebrated by bursting crackers and shopping and fun?
NO. Diwali can be celebrated in other ways also. and why only diwali only? Other festivals also can be celebrated in other ways. and what are these other ways?

Do not burst crackers at all. if at all if you burst crackers , do so by bursting less noise induced crackers which don't cause noise pollution and most importantly air pollution.
There are many people who have breathing problems and other breath related problems. Think about them. Even if we don't think about them and ask them to stay indoors , think about the climate . Do you know the side effects of high induced crackers which we burst during diwali?
here are some to list some few:

1- There are birds sleeping on trees. They are so sensitive to noise. Imagine we are sleeping and somebody burst a air filled balloon or empty plastic bag or even , say a ' sutli bomb'. what would be out condition? we would obviously wake up frightened, with fear, with heart in our mouths and..... blood pressure coming up..
Now think of these birds... they are so sensitive and how they must be feeling.... they dont have voice to express... they do so only with eyes... they must be wondering whats going on around and when this will end? What would happen if a little spark of our rockets or say crackers would
fall into branch of a tree where a bird is sleeping or resting? imagine.. i will not tell .

2- Now think of climate... see how the whole climate becomes. no, I am not talking of late overall climate changes. I am talking about immediate climate change that takes place. Smoke everywhere, strange smell .... no visibility because of smoke on roads....this continues till the early hours of morning and no this doesn't end after that. then the smoke from vehicles start.

What can we do instead of in Diwali which is different and what can be soul satisfying?
We can do many things. we can help people , we can help environment and help ourselves ultimately. to name a few , we can:

1. We can visit old age homes and be with our " future". We can visit the oldies and spend time with them. We can take some wisdom from them, we can give them solace in absence of their loved ones. We can light their faces and see how we can bring some change in ourselves as well as their lives.....

2- Do some anonymous help. yes . anonymous help. for those who dont know the word , the other meaning of this is gupt help... hidden help..
If you are wealthy, give some money to those in need financially instead of giving to temples. God has enough money for himself. instead you can give your money to those suffering financially at their place by helping them arrange for their children's wedding, or helping the hungry people yourselves. There are many people sleeping with bare body on bridges and roads... provide them with chuddar or clothes and then speed away before they say thank you to you. see what joy you will feel.

3- Visit some nature parks around your city or in your city... on visiting those nature parks.. you will come to know the true nature of god and true way of celebrating festivals. take a camera with you and photograph a few nature stills which you will like to see in future and which might inspire you to preserve nature.

You know why i am ranting this climate thing now? well , here are some facts recently released about the climate change . some of them you might have already read , some of them you may have not. You will say on reading that its going to happen after 20-30 years from now so why worry.. friends. This is the time to worry. if we dont worry now, those 20 years may soon become 10 or 5 years. If we act now, we wont have to cry in future or worry about saving lives of our kids or grandkids. We wont be able to see the snow or the quite nature when we visit hill stations, we wont be able to see the exotic birds and animals , we wont be able to spend time with our "loved one" in those snow capped mountains . Better act now.better safe then say sorry. here are some facts recently released:

The Arctic ice cap will disappear completely in summer months within 20 to 30 year

2 Jhelum melting at alarming speed in Himalayas

3 Other snow capped mountains and glaciers are melting.

Jammu  Kashmir's biggest glacier, which feeds the region's main river, is melting faster than other Himalayas glaciers, threatening the water supply of tens of thousands of people.

5 Global temperature to rise by 4 degree Celsius by '50's

6-Sea ice in the arctic could disappear sooner then expected

7- Sea levels have risen 18 cm between 1900 to 2000 and 3 cm between 1994 to 2004 and may rise upto 88 cm rise by 2100 and so on.
like i said , if we want to help our kids and grand kids. act now.

These are some of the the warnings, occurrences, and predictions of the coming disaster IF we dont wake up now and act.

So lets see how we can help the world and proudly say to our future generations that how we helped create the world again:

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle anything from clothes, paper, packing materials and other things
  • Conserve power. switch off unused lights , fans, phones and chargers and air conditioners
  • Conserve water
  • Support green business and green NGOs
  • USE a cloth bag when you go out for shopping
  • Tell others not to throw plastic and other rubbish things when they go to hill stations and on ice capped mountains

So at end i would only " suggest" you to please take care of the environment and yourself.
you must be thinking that what did you do yourself. for your records i think it would be
suitable to tell you that i from last 3 years havent burst any crackers. last year i just
bursted 3 crackers. and this year none.

So ending here to meet you soon on another topic another day...
salaam namaste, shabbakher, bye bye, and khuda haafiz, tata.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Helping the dying

Hi friends.
Yes... i came back sooner like i told previously. I had been trying to find a good topic and I found it all of a sudden while sitting and thinking and writing something. Well i was little in philosophical mood today.
Its been noted that all good thoughts come when you are sitting with mind relaxed and writing something out of the blue. So why don't we all just sit and be relaxed the whole day , so that we can get very good thoughts? Well , we cant do that, because , thoughts have to be converted into reality otherwise the world would not have been a better place to live in.

People nowadays are dying of a new disease called swine flu which we didn't know about it a year before. Other then swine flu, there are many other reasons why people die after falling ill like flu, cancer,AIDS, T.B etc etc... By the way, i read in a Buddhist book "that Tibetans believe that illness like cancer can be a warning , to remind us that we have been neglecting deep aspects of our being, like spiritual needs" how true and profound.
And when they are dying or about to die, not only them but the people around them, the immediate members of their family also suffer. Both don't know what to do in these kind of circumstances except few rare people who know how to help the dying. So what to do in those cases? I will present here some tips as well as some thoughts from what i have read over the years with my opinion of course.
Enough has been said by saints and sages and enlightened people from many ages on how to die spiritually and how to attain samadhi but few things has been said about how to help the common dying person.. lets explore now on some of these things..

What does a person feel and how do his/her family feels when they hear that he/she is going to die soon? How does he take death warning? How does he react? Will his death be peaceful or in a tragic way? Will he die alone or die in front of his family? What about after death? will his family desert him or be with him in his final moments? And many more questions come on and on.
Even we wonder , how does death happen and what functions of the body cease to function.
Even families react in a negative manner when they realize that there is no hope for the person to live now. Their attitude changes, their thinking changes, their way of showing love changes, in short their whole behaviour changes. They dont know hot to comfort the person.

When people are dying slowly , their mind is filled with various emotions and questions. They want answers to certain questions. people dying need more care and love from their family members . In those times, it is far more better to ask them to think positively about death and spiritual knowledge should be given to them about death matters so that their heart comes to rest and they get some peace of mind. I read somewhere that IT IS ONLY WITH SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE THAT WE CAN TRULY FACE AND UNDERSTAND DEATH. How true...

The eternal question which remains is: why do we fear death?
The answer may or can be put down as" because we never think of death and what will happen when the life comes to an end". We go on living like there is no death and waste time in eating, drinking, merry making"...the list can go on ... but when disease or catastrophe comes... we are left thinking on death and fear on unknown. What will happen to our body, what will happen to 'our self', whether there is a place reserved for us in hell by the Satan or god waiting to welcome us in heaven.

We always imagine that when death comes, we will be pushed back to something unknown or become something else. what will become of us after death with no friends, money , property etc etc...and meet strangers on the way. BUT don't we realise that we ourselves are a complete strangers to us? Have we really tried to find out who the self is as told by ramana maharishi?
Sages have told us that what we are at present, that we will be at time of dying. The same is said in bhagwad gita. Such simple statement yet so much thought provoking and a chance to improve ourselves constantly. lets see now somethings in detail.

1- The attitude of the dying person.

A person when dying has many emotions , like i told previously. his thoughts and thinking change drastically and with it the normal behaviour. He feels very insecure and sees everyone sometimes in suspicious way.. there is fear, there is anger, prejudice against somebody, the blaming game that you did this or you did that, the aloofness, both sides of emotions-negative as well as positive, guilt about something., worrying about some unfinished thing in life,strong attachments with family or with objects of life,withdrawal symptoms etc.
Sometimes a person is not even aware that he is dying , it is only when sees people around him in solemn mood that he realizes that something is wrong and slowly slowly comes to know that he is going away from the family and world. Its like a kid going to nursery for the first time without his mother or parents unknown whats going to happen there. He begins to forget things... can't remember people, grows irritable, keep demanding certain things, his behaviour becomes like a small child. He sometimes want to see people who are far away , cries for no apparent reason , becomes moody. He feels remorse and guilty for things said in past to people , family and friends.

2- What he should do or can do.

The dying person , if he comes to know that he is not going to be here soon, should come to terms with the situation and prepare himself. He should prepare to help himself for peaceful way of dying. he should meditate if he can or try to be peaceful or read something from scriptures. He should forgive all who has wronged him, should ask for forgiveness from others if he has wronged them, let go of everything , should let go of any binding attachments , and be more open .
Listen to soft music, and be happy . just keep on giving things to people which can be of importance to others AND prepare a will so that after him, the family doesn't have fights within.

Well... now lets move to the family now, as the family is the most important part of life in any individual, his root and pillar of support, his pillow etc.
The family sometimes doesn't know what to say or how to react or behave in these kinds of circumstances. grief and sorrow comes over in the family as naturally and some people behave awkwardly. lets see how the family can help the people dying without panicking...

3- The family should:

1) love and care for the person going.
2) Prepare themselves of the situation to come
3) Be more peaceful in the place.
4) Help the person to prepare for the inevitable
5) Slowly ... let go of the attachment with the person so that there is no feeling of pain after.

6) The family members should feel natural, relaxed and be as it was before. this will ease the dying person and the environment in the room will improve. let the person die smiling and laughing instead of normal traditional way of pain.

7) There should be free atmosphere in the room so that the person dying can express his thoughts and talk freely about life, emotions and fears and happiness. This will very greatly help the person in transitioning ahead.

8) This is one of the good things which i read recently in a book. " When the dying person is finally communicating his private feelings, do not interrupt, deny what the person is saying". they are in very complex situation in their lives and they need sensitivity ,love and patience from us. Instead of making him afraid by behaving crazily, we should try to be calm and listen to him peacefully without any anger or prejudice. Sometimes the time is short and they want to say more and more and open up at last moment , When for whole of their lives, they have been to themselves and introverted. "JUST SIT THERE AND LISTEN . LISTENING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART". "learn to listen and listen to receive in silence. make the person accepted"

9) When the dying person says something out of anger , don't take it to heart. they at their last moment of death tend to feel anger and irritation and blame you. just LISTEN.
Elisabeth kubler said that " do not imagine that this rage is aimed at you"
Use humor . humor helps the dying person to ease out and be himself at peace.

10) Sometimes one or some of the family people tries to read to him something from the scriptures or tries to preaches him so that it would help him, but if the person does not like it, then it would turn into arguments and anger. It is good to avoid this when the person does not want it unless asked. only do so after asking or when the person asks you to do it.

11) Another thing i learned," A dying person needs to be shown as unconditional love as possible without expectations. Don't think that you have be an expert. Be natural and yourself, and a friend. the person will be reassured that you are with him and communicating with him." Even if you both have had differences in past, forget it, there is nothing more important then to forget and forgive and help each other when in pain and difficulty. Ask him to forgive anyone who has wronged him

12) Help the person to express out his emotions or grief when they come out. guys, let him be natural . The more he keeps back the more he will suffer. Ask him to just let out everything he can so that he will feel light and calmness in his heart. Ask him to let go his attachments and fears and feel happy,positive, cheerful. Ask him to take out all his grief and prejudice so that he will feel natural inside.

13) Just be with the person. sometimes there is 'silent communication' between 2 person when they meet. just see their eyes and talk with your eyes and heart. smile , just smile.
radiate peace and love to them. they will feel nice.
I would like to cite an example here. recently a bollewood actor, famous for his films in era between 60's to 80's called FEROZ KHAN died of cancer. When he was in hospital, his fellow colleague and friend 'dharmendra' went to meet him. What he describes was that when he went to hospital to meet khan, they just looked at each other, holding hands, crying out and laughing sometimes, communicating with their hearts and only talking whenever needed.
that should be the ideal thing to do.

14) Now the practical thing to do. ask the person if he has any confession to make, finish some unfinished work or concerns, tell anything to people far off or communicate something of importance .

15) Another great thing i have learned some time back from a book is," tell the person that you love him/her . Tell him that you are now going back to your original family of god, and that you are now dying, and that is natural. it happens to everyone. the time we have had together will be always be cherished by me. Don't hold on to life any longer, just let go. you have my full permission to go ahead and die. You are not alone, now or ever. you will be with god"
wow , i think this would calm the person and prepare him for his next 'life' ahead.
let also the family members accept the fact and let go.
If the person is in hospital, make sure that he is allowed his privacy where he is allowed to die peacefully. but i think this can be possible only in hospitals abroad.Not in India. Here , the authorities tell the family to take him home so that other patient can fill in and they get more money.

16) Make the person remember what things in life , they have done and achieved. this will greatly make the person confident in facing life ahead and facing death. make him more happy as possible. ask him to meditate if he can. other family members who can't control their grief should not be allowed near that person.. that will only make the person go negative. let sweet soft music be there in background.

Now that we are done with what the family should do, some of people have questions as to what actually happens at moment of death. well , even I don't know as even if i have died many times previously, i have forgotten it. but i have read about it and found it to be true so here i am presenting it as what happens at death.

Our senses begin to cease slowly one by one. if people are talking around us, then we can hear the sound but not their words meaning that our ear is about to retire.
We look at an object around us and we see only its outline , that means the eye is about to say good bye. the same with other senses.
We get devoid of energy from our body. we cant hold anything or sit up straight.We feel uncomfortable and heavy. our mind becomes frail, frustrated and nervous.
Our eyes begin to dry out.we cant speak anything nor drink or eat anything. there is shortage of breath.

Sometimes the family members remember their dead people and feel longing for them. what they can do is send out positive vibes to them and send them love. Because this will help them to proceed ahead in astral world. Instead of crying for longer time, we can send them love, positive vibrations, and good wishes to them. Crying makes the soul attached while sending love and positive vibrations to them in meditations will help them proceed ahead in astral world.

S friends. here i end this long discussion of helping the dying family members and friends.
here i have quoted some paragraphs or sentences from the book i read recently and which has given me new knowledge , "THE TIBETAN BOOK OF LIVING AND DYING by SOGYAL RINPOCHE. Those quotes , i have put it as " "

Will come back next time with a good topic like this. hope you enjoyed this topic and that would help you somewhere.

god bless you always

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

from whence did thy come swine flu?

HI guys,
Well.. its been a month since i wrote last on the great dancer of Micheal Jackson. owwww....
Even though i make my mind to write soon , i cant write because i cant just write on any other topic just like that. the topics should be intelligent and should make sense...

From quite about 4 months now, we have been hearing about a flu which has created a chaos and furor in the world . almost every country has been infected with it , it seems.
its a virus...its a flu... yesss its swine flu..
Yes! iam talking about this damn flu called the swine flu... we in India dont like pigs or swines and kick them ..... now it seems the flu in the name of the swine is set to kick us off somewhere.
We have been hearing it from every possible media we have at hand . they have been reporting it, warning about it and writing about and even talking about it ...but very few of them report that there is nothing to be in chaos or nothing to worry , except to be careful and to be hygenic in our everyday life... let us first see what is this SWINE FLU....

1- what is swine flu:
It is thought to be a mutation of four known strains of the influenza A virus, subtype H1N1: one endemic in (normally infecting) humans, one endemic in birds, and two endemic in pigs (swine). Experts assume the virus "most likely" emerged from pigs in Asia, and was carried to North America by infected persons. Transmission of the new strain is human-to-human, with cooked pork products safe to eat as the virus cannot be transmitted by eating foods.

thank god, we can eat anywhere and anything . but dont eat pork....hehehehe... so dont keep pigs as pets even if they are white and clean like those in foreign countries. or they will give you this gift.

2- from where did this begin:
The outbreak began in mexico with evidence that Mexico was already in the midst of an epidemic for months before the outbreak was recognized. Soon after, its government closed down most of Mexico city's public and private offices and facilities to help contain the spread. In early June, as the virus spread globally, the world health organization declared the outbreak to be a pandemic, but also noted that most illnesses were of "moderate severity." The virus has since spread to the Southern Hemisphere which entered its winter flu season, and to many less developed countries with limited healthcare systems.

so mexico is the place from where this villian has emerged. hmmmm... cant they keep it to themselves? just kidding... we all know that the world is now a global place and any person can go anywhere in any country with matter of few hours...
its like iski topi iske sir [ his hat on others head]

3- how does it spread:
The virus typically spreads from coughs and sneezes or by touching contaminated surfaces and then touching the nose or mouth. Symptoms, which can last up to a week, are similar to those of seasonal flu, and may include fever, sneezes, sore throat, coughs, headache, and muscle or joint pains. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that most cases worldwide have been mild so far and most hospitalizations and deaths have been of persons that also had underlying conditions such as asthma, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, or a weakened immune system. As the virus spreads easily between people, through the air or surface contact, those who get the flu are recommended to stay home from school or work and avoid crowds to avoid spreading the infection further.

hooooo... so even if someone around you sneezes for few times and coughs a bit... STAY AWAY FROM HIM/HER. hahaa kidding again. but now the situation has come literally to a point where if a person nearby you sneezes or coughs a few times, you or people around you start seeing him/her in suspected manner like a terrorist...BUT also note that inspite of thousands of cases now, there are only few deaths so dont panic , just be alert...

4 -How soon can one get infected:
infected people may be able to infect others beginning one day before symptoms develop and up to seven or more days after becoming sick.

and now after all these discussion on what's of swine flu, lets read something on how's to avoid it.

5- how to get protected:
  • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue in the trash after use .
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after you cough or sneeze. Alcohol based hand cleaners are also good.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Germs spread this way.
  • Try to avoid close contact with people having respiratory illness.
  • If one gets sick with influenza, one must stay at home, away from work or school and limit contact with others to keep from infecting them. However, if one is having any respiratory distress, one should report to a nearby hospital.
  • have good sleep, be physically active, drink plenty of water

6- Any medicines for this:
well its both yes and no. as per the good website of, they say that Oseltamivir is the recommended anti viral drug for the treatment and/or prevention of infection with the influenza A H1N1. If you get sick, antiviral drugs can make your illness milder and make you feel better faster.
They may also prevent serious flu complications. For treatment, antiviral drugs work best if started soon after getting sick (within 2 days of symptoms). The government has adequate stock and the drug is made available to government hospitals at the time of outbreak and would be available to you free of cost. The drug is to be administered under supervision of clinicians.
Now this damn damn virus is attacking kids more then adults... kids, who are so innocent that they dont know anything and before they know anything , they have got this flu..
In children emergency warning signs that need urgent medical attention include:
  • Fast breathing or trouble breathing
  • Bluish skin color
  • Not drinking enough fluids/eating food
  • Not waking up or not interacting
  • Being so irritable that the child does not want to be held
  • Flu-like symptoms improve but then return with fever and worse cough
  • Fever with a rash
now lets see the case of adults.... what and when ....
In adults, emergency warning signs that need urgent medical attention include:
  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • Pain or pressure in the chest or abdomen
  • Sudden dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Severe or persistent vomiting
confusion what? confusion of life or confusion of where one is standing or what is happening.... dont know..... heehehe am myself in confusion ....

now lets go to the usual do and do nots once again for a revision
* Wash your hands
* Avoid crowded places
* Stay more than an arm's length from persons afflicted with flu
* Get plenty of sleep
* Drink plenty of water and eat nutritious food


* Shake hands or hug in greeting
* Spit in public
* Take medicines without consulting a physician

so when somone stretches his or her hand to shake hands with you .. say NAMASTE , the ancient traditional method of saying hi man. hehahahaha. and for time being dont be munnabhai by hugging each and everyone you meet, your girlfreinds can wait some other time for you to hug them.

now i remember a story once again here. kya kare , story telling has been with me from some time now...

a saint was residing in a district. he could see that a plague was going to enter the district. he went up to him and asked him to return back, but the plauge said that it has to do its work by taking few lives and promised the saint that it would take only 50 lives and not more as the those person had their time line finished and it was their karma to die that way.....
the saint agreed and went away to other place...

after a short time when he came back, he could see that instead of 50 people, 500 people had died. he immidiately contacted the plague and asked him why did he broke his promise. the plague said that he had taken only 50 lives instead of 500 as talked before , the difference came because the remaining 450 people died in fear of the plague..

so coming back to the real story, i was intending to tell that we should remain alert and careful but not afraid of like the people in the story. because the more you think of any problem the more it attracts to you. so be easy, remain calm. just take care of your little kids...
like i said before, inspite of having thousands infected cases in india and other countries, there are only very few deaths.... ratio is very small. SO DON'T PANIC.

and last thing which i have found it to be very efficient in any circumstances is to happy and
gay [not the other one , hahaha, but gay as in ,'to laugh'] keep on laughing, watch more comedy shows , be cheerful... and meditate. by meditating , nothing of this sort will come to you,leave alone see you also..

and take those masks .. it might help you someplace , somewhere , anytime.

bye friends... will meet you soon.
achoo...... excuse me.


Saturday, July 4, 2009


Hey guys
well its been almost 20 days to be sure ...
been a little busy... can't help it also these days...

I sometimes wonder how Mr amitabh bachchan in spite of his busyness keeps up his blogging. But like he says in his blog,its become a routine for him or say his love to connect with his fans around the world that he does blogging. all of his fans who surf including me regularly stay in touch with his blog. and i must say he has got a very good flair of writing . Must have picked up the trait hereditary from his great father. The seriousness, the fun and the gravity with which he writes his blog is worth looking for..... even when if he criticizes someone , its good to read it...
Will write an entire blog on him quite soon.
Coming back to the main topic of Mr Micheal Jackson we will go ahead with him....
remembered amitji because he had mentioned Micheal in his blog recently and that's why went little off the topic. here i come back again.

Micheal Jackson .... the man we grew up seeing to and listening, dancing to his songs also.....
The first time i saw him... he had came out of his plastic surgery on his face.. i thought of him as a woman and kept thinking so quite some time. And my brother and his gang of friends in their teens were so crazy about him that i would sometimes wonder why they are dancing to tunes of this woman.. Then i got to know from big bro that he is in fact a man who has done his surgery on his face. I then saw his previous face and i till today think that he would have looked good in his previous black face....then he was post surgery. Well individual opinions these are and individual likes. I even tried to dance like him in my kid days without much success but with one swollen ankle and twisted foot.....

OK so Jackson , who we grew up seeing and dancing recently left us and this world suddenly out of the blue. He indeed gave us some of the great songs of pop music. remember the songs
'DANGEROUS SSS.....ow.. , "DON'T STOP TILL YOU GET ENOUGH", "SHAKE YOUR BODYYYY". ouchhhh. "CAN YOU FEEL IT"! ? Cant forget the THRILLER album. The list could go on and on... the winner of 8 and more grammys .all gone now in 1 second flat.... tyre punctured of his life vehicle...
The king of pop gone up in poopsssss and whoosh.......

Undoubtedly he had many many abilities . to list a few......

Unlike many artists, Jackson did not write his songs on paper. Instead he would dictate into a sound recorder, when recording he would sing from memory. wow..... he must have faced a good memory man! and that's quite a good achievement by itself.

His dance moves, his style of dancing , his movements all of sudden from position x to position
b and then directly to z. again wow.... how he would accomplish this is a wonder to me till date.
i bet few, very few would be in this world or say rare guys who would copy him perfectly.

His voice. well we can't say that he had the best of voice but yes, he made full good use of his shrill voice in his music and knew how to implement it in right and correct way.

Too bad... now we wont get to see him anymore except in his past videos and songs.....
how he died is also a so called mystery and a obvious story to tell.
He died of taking excessive medicines or drugs.
When you become a great celebrity, it seems you have immense pressure on your head to perform up to expectations of guys and fans around you. you have tensions to act up to their standard expectation's, have to do as your 'DOC' tells you to do or eat, live like your P.R.O asks you to do,and worst of it all... maybe have fear of mafia and try to stay clear of them.......
it's said that he was a mere skeleton left in his body and all people could find in his body were medicines. sheeeee..... imagine the amount of medicines he would have been taking daily , maybe hourly. signs of pins and holes in his body all around , skinny skeleton body shape, from having millions of dollars to becoming a debtor and having huge debts , to having no one from immediate family around him at his last moment to having 2 broken marriage...... again the list could go on and on... he created this all around by himself only....

Personally, how he was , we have different versions on this.... Bachchanji says in his blog that he came across as a humble, kind, soft spoken , well mannered individual...
When he came to India some years back, we have reports that he mingled freely with his fans here, stopped his car mid-way the road to talk and chat with urchins who had lined up to catch glimpse of him.....and had relished Indian food very much....
then we have opposite versions of his having molested a teenage boy, hanging his kid out of window to fans and behaving wildly in couple of occasions....
what to believe what to not. maybe he was in his own world , his own personality.

and the fans...... what to say of them.. gathered in huge numbers outside hospital and shattered and crying over the losss... i doubt if even the few of them would cry this much for loss of their mother or father or brother. they have this mentality there, that they dont cry as much over the loss of their relatives as much as they cry over the loss of their favourite superstar. what an irony.

hey , i don't understand one thing is that why do some geniuses die prematurely? like his father in law, the famous guy of Beatles who died at 42, his own example, then some guys like Vivekananda, swami Rama tirth, guru dutt, miss Monroe..etc, etc. maybe its god ordained that as soon as they do their work on earth, they return back to heaven or whatever it is called to entertain some guys up there.

anyways..... i would only wish him to rest in peace and stay happy wherever he is.
see you guys soon....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

whats wrong with australia?

hi guys.

well like the topic suggests, we very well know about the problem with us Indians in Australia.
it has now became a global kind of problem.....

whats really wrong with this Australian's , we might want to know . well as i can put it, these guys are just trying to gain popularity in the world.
a Australian guy must have bashed up an Indian and then it became a sort of mass hysteria to bash up Indian's or rather say curry bashing of Indians. specially in times of so called recession as there is shortage of funds both in their pockets and in their minds.

but what is actually prompting these young teenagers and young people to single out Indian's specifically? the root of the problem lies in the fact that we Indians are now moving ahead globally wherever we are and going to top posts and doing good professionally, which these people cant digest. they are just living in the age old notion that Indians are born to suffer and Indian's are born to be ruled. wake up guys, its high time you did so. Indians are also earning good more then these people.

right now the Indian's are protesting peacefully . the Australian police instead of protecting the Indian's are in mood of covering Australian's . they also are of the same kind of mentality .
Indian's want to end everything peacefully in a calm manner so they don't react the same way in violent manner. but do these Australian's know that if things go out of hand , what would actually happen? the same Indian's who are known for their calmness and understanding will come to their basic roots. and no Indian needs to be taught about fighting and rioting and reacting back. its natural in them. once these Indian's , like i said, come back to their basic roots, then god save these Australian people. the Australian's will be refugees in their own countries or to say the least, they will roam in streets from fear of Indian's.

what is now a wonderful country of beaches will now turn to wonderful country of Indian's everywhere if things are not taken care of..
lets hope that it finishes soon enough and we get back to normal time as was before otherwise god save those idiots.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

well. its been long time since i last posted. almost 10 months now.
cant help it also. as its been so called recession time and so lot of running around in city because of jobs and other things.

i recently read a article about this recession thing. it was a short and simple story.
a farmer was living by himself and was quite earning good. he had sent his son abroad for his further future.
his son returned back from so called MBA studies and told him that it was the time of recession and made him believe that earning money is little bit difficult nowadays.
as his son was telling him, he believed him and put that thought in his mind.
he went to the market believing all by himself that it was recession time and all those things ....

little by little his business profits happened to go down and with less income, he began to have his share of difficulties in his daily life. he began to wait for the boom period.
until one day , a saint came to his home on his way and ask for shelter for a night. he readily obliged as is the norm and accepted him. during the talks, the saint came to know of his problem and asked him to go back to his normal thinking ways and also to sing some nice positive song 3 times a day. he would pay him visit on his way back.

as time passed. he saw that he was on his normal time again gaining profits from his land and living upto his own old life again. he realised that it was all things of his mind and his mba educated son who was taught in a business school.

on his way back, the saint visited him again and told him the truth . he told him that one should always think positive even in times of trouble and recession. these are all matters of the mind and should not effect a person. one should also save part of the money for future times like this if things go wrong in the world or in your life.

so one lesson what we learnt is that we become what we think we are.
good saint, wise farmer who didnt argue unnecessarily with him and went ahead.

see you guys in short time.