Wednesday, June 10, 2009

well. its been long time since i last posted. almost 10 months now.
cant help it also. as its been so called recession time and so lot of running around in city because of jobs and other things.

i recently read a article about this recession thing. it was a short and simple story.
a farmer was living by himself and was quite earning good. he had sent his son abroad for his further future.
his son returned back from so called MBA studies and told him that it was the time of recession and made him believe that earning money is little bit difficult nowadays.
as his son was telling him, he believed him and put that thought in his mind.
he went to the market believing all by himself that it was recession time and all those things ....

little by little his business profits happened to go down and with less income, he began to have his share of difficulties in his daily life. he began to wait for the boom period.
until one day , a saint came to his home on his way and ask for shelter for a night. he readily obliged as is the norm and accepted him. during the talks, the saint came to know of his problem and asked him to go back to his normal thinking ways and also to sing some nice positive song 3 times a day. he would pay him visit on his way back.

as time passed. he saw that he was on his normal time again gaining profits from his land and living upto his own old life again. he realised that it was all things of his mind and his mba educated son who was taught in a business school.

on his way back, the saint visited him again and told him the truth . he told him that one should always think positive even in times of trouble and recession. these are all matters of the mind and should not effect a person. one should also save part of the money for future times like this if things go wrong in the world or in your life.

so one lesson what we learnt is that we become what we think we are.
good saint, wise farmer who didnt argue unnecessarily with him and went ahead.

see you guys in short time.


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nice one kulls...thanks for sharing..

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nice one...

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