Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sach...Sachin.. and me at office. Adieu to a Legend of the Game

Why sachin is loved so much by the whole country in respect to his colleagues like Ganguly or Dravid or any other great cricketer of the country? Because, he was the silent killer... who never resorted to provocation on the field or off the field.. Though Ganguly infused aggressiveness in the team taken ahead by Dhoni... Sachin silenced his critics and only concentrated on his game... and did what he was there for all this time.. enjoy his play that became his vocation of life... Also his soft speech and clean image did the trick. 

Though I must admit that his colleague Dravid received less tribute and attention than him as he was the Wall for the team in difficult times and played various roles, also of a wicket keeper when required of him.

A Lot has been said and written about him from the time he came into the cricket scene... and from past few days, tributes have been flowing in for the great man. The story about him is true that the trains would leave from the station only after he would complete his century, for I have personally witnessed it. What more was special about him that made him the favourite of all and that India has literally got emotional when he started playing his last test match?

Such was the emotion that all offices and corporate firms had kept their TV on when he reached 50 for the last time and during his last moments on the field. I had even asked my boss of my Company-LetsNurture to start the TV on, but unfortunately, the cable wire lost at the wrong time and when it was found... sach had already got out. 

I think I have got the answer, the answer lies professional integrity and commitment towards one's game. My Boss at LetsNurture always gives two words to inspire his team-Commitment and dedication. That's what set him apart from others  with his self control on provocations, ability to handle pressure of million fans and the discipline to keep on playing after more than 20 years of cricket. 

A sportsman life is limited to 15 years at the most, but Sachin kept on playing by staying fit all the time with discipline. He perfected himself early on in the game as the stories go that he would practice on the terrace of the hotel as a teenager to perfect his game and would also dream about cricket in his sleep as well.. Despite of all fame and adulations and money, has the world any time come across of any news of sachin misbehaving? 

Sachin accepted every decision of the umpires without arguing, when he was aware that he had been given out wrongly in the game. He gave a true meaning to the gentleman's game. Lots of bowlers like Shane Warne, Akhtar, McGrath and others tried to bully him but instead, he bullied them by playing in the right way he knows. He gave the importance of Time Commitment to his team members as well-something  which my company-LetsNurture also believes in and has taught me so. 

He also taught Humility by his actions. Before each series, he would go to his coach, Mr. Achrekar, who taught him the nuances of the game to take his blessings and would talk to old friends very often and never displayed arrogance anywhere. 

24 years in the international game is not a short time... plus all his other years spent in perfecting the game and matches in the Ranji Trophy. 

He came at the right time to fill up the void left by Gavaskar and leaving at the time when there is enough talent in the team. 

In the end.. Only one thing.. Thank you Sach. You made my childhood feel good. 


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