Friday, November 1, 2013

Double Contradictions!

It is Diwali Time
Time to go home back again
Time to enjoy the rare 4 days of official leave from office.
Time to Enjoy with family and friends
Time to Relax.

Yet, as this day begins to commence on Friday, the first of November 2013, and the Dhanteras as I know, I have mixed feelings coming up inside me.

I somehow do not want to to go back to my home-Baroda for some unknown or known reasons, I am not able to comprehend. It is time to spend some time with family and they have been calling me since past 10 days, but somehow, there is a reluctance in me to go back again. Why?

Maybe, because I or we have lost the thrill of enjoying some short holidays like this one and only enjoy ourselves during the so called holiday 'weekend'? Maybe, because we have started becoming office robots or virtual robots that our mechanism does not accept plugging off for some time? Maybe because we have lost the ability to accept the unknown in our coming days?

Or Maybe because we have become accustomed to enjoy with our colleagues during the 12 hours of the day that we are together? The other side of contradiction that I have begin to notice is that there is also a hurry to reach home. Home, away from the usual chatter and noise of the everyday life and enjoy the peace and quite of our regular surroundings for some time.

We somehow make plans to do this and do that during our short vacation-whether Diwali or something else, but somehow end up doing only 40 to 50% of the work determined. We have many travel plans and hopes to enjoy with our friends and family and so want to go home quickly and soon.

Then Why this Contradiction !?

Only time can tell.

Am I the only Idiot who feels this way or some of you also feel that?

Happy Diwali by the way

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