Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My presentation of LetsNurture's Blood Monk app

 Hey guys,
Recently, just to update, I went for a company work to one of the most prestigious institution to learn advertising in Gujarat. Yes, I am talking about MICA-The Mudra Institute of communication Ahmedabad.

It was my desire to study there once up on a time , but some circumstances prevented me from studying, but it did not deter me to go there for my company-LetsNurture's android application presentation.

I went with some of my office colleagues for the 15 minute presentation, but it took about 3 hours for our turn to come and we came out of the institution at 8 30 instead of 7 15 pm. But, it was a wonderful experience for me to give a presentation with my colleague-Pratik Patel after a long long time.

The android application titled-BloodMonk is an android application that will better help people find blood donors of all blood groups pretty fast in just 3 simple steps. It will also present the last donated blood date of the donor so that the user does not waste his time in calling and asking for more information. The names and the contact numbers of the blood donors are listed as per their respective areas of Ahmedabad.

Try and see it for yourself. It can be downloaded from the Google play-store here
LetsNurture is sure going upwards this year.
Meanwhile, have a look at my presentation below. Though I am not much visible, my voice is pretty clear. Of course, I need to hone up my skills for presentations more. Here is the Video of my link.   

MICA Presentation for the company's app,-BloodMonk

See ya

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