Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Driving to life for death?

Hey guys...
Happy belated holi for starting and gudi padva for today for my maharastrian friends .
India is a land of festivals for sure and a land of unpredictability.Nothing happens for days and when It happens , they happen in numbers. Whether it is scandals , accidents , business etc etc..
I was reminded of an accident that occurred in my city in front of my eyes and so was tempted to write it down here. Accidents like I said, do happen anywhere , all of sudden, anytime, at any place.
I myself have had number of accidents but have came out of it strongly with minor injuries by god's grace. But the one I witnessed few days ago , I can not say whether the person came out or went up in accident, but I can guess that , there was no report of it in next day's newspaper , the person must have survived and have been  well.

I was passing through one of the busiest route of Baroda called jail road on my way to college few days back. One guy in his 20's was crossing the road in his 'Masti'. He was oblivious or unmindful of the surroundings or traffic around him and was walking like the guy in the mobile advertisement does smsing on his mobile and getting hit by car at end.
At the same time, a guy from the opposite side also in his early 20's came at full speed on his pulsar bike enjoying the cool speed and trying to be a john abraham. He came so fast that he could hardly control his speed nor could have time to apply for brakes and rammed into the guy crossing the road.
Both fell down and broke their crown and bike came tumbling after.{ on them actually} Enough crowd gathered there creating commotion

The guy on the bike hit the footpath and immediately  went unconscious, the guy walking had minor bruises only. I immediately went there and saw that the bike guy had blood coming from his nose which I know from somewhere is bad  and was not moving at all. I called the 108 ambulance service and they came in less then 3 mins at the scene and took the boy away. I just had to pray to god that he would not pass from this world and went on my way , a little late in time.

But that made me think again, why do these guys try to prove that they are 'someone' and risk their lives as well as other's lives as well. Just because they have a speed machine , they think that they are rulers of the road. And why do people not see properly while crossing the road , thinking that it is the duty of the other person to mind the rule not his?
2 stupid idiots fool

see ya guys... will come soon with another interesting topic or story.