Saturday, September 26, 2015

Everyday Normal but Extraordinary Heroes amongst us

What comes into your mind when you hear the word 'Hero' or 'Superhero' for the first time?
Someone from the film fraternity for sure? Someone from the army? Someone from the civil services?

Of course, the guys in the army are our everyday superheroes but what If I told you that apart from the army folk, there are many people who have committed themselves for a better India initiative taking their time from their job or business or full time? Yes, these people do not know each other and yet, they are spread all over India and doing their work silently without advertising themselves.

We would never have known them, but for one website or organization known as the Better India. They have taken up the challenge of finding these people from the crowd and bringing it in front of us.

Let me give some of few examples of our everyday Heroes in brief.

1. The Chocolate Ganesha maker

Yes, this lady 'Rintu' makes Chocolate Ganesha during the present Ganpati Festival in Mumbai. So what? In this age of the need of eco-friendly cries of making Ganesha statues, she not only made a chocolate god but also immersed the God as per the norm, but in a different way. She immersed it in Milk and gave the Chocolate milk to Underprivileged kids. Everyone happy? Of course! Read more about her.

2. No family separated during Kumbh Mela 2015

We have all heard and seen about the Kumbh Mela, the ancient religious fair of India, where people get separated from their families in the crowd, isn't it? Even the old Hindi movies show it. But this time, the authorities made sure that it does not happen. With efficient planning and implementation, until now, there has been no incident of people missing in Kumbh Mela 2015 in Nashik. How?  By this way.

3. Ordinary Lady into Doctor Lady

What do you think this lady is/was on first sight? She was a vegetable seller. And now? She is a renowned Oncologist. Yes, an expert surgeon and a very kind lady.

This vegetable seller turned oncologist is Dr. Vijayalakshmi Deshmane. To know how and why of her sudden life transformation, you must first understand that it takes dedication and passion to follow a dream. Read more about her here. 

4. Fighting Hunger together for people 

We have all heard about the infamous Bengal famine, right? But there are some sections in the region where it is a daily task for people to remain hungry. But it looks like a shining cloud is on its way to solve this matter. Youngsters are taking the matter in their own hands. About 32 youth groups in West Bengal have come together to fight hunger in an innovative way.

5. Delhi is not that bad.

Delhi is now infamous for not only the thugs, but also rapists, attacking unsuspecting girls and even the tourists. But, it does not mean that there are no good people in the India capital. Recently, a woman was assaulted by a man who wanted to loot her near a park in the night. But a group of youngsters heard her cries, jumped over the fence and saved her from the attacker. Of course, it was all caught in the CCTV footage. Next time, you hear someone's cry for help, at least think over it.

6. No age for learning 

There is a belief in our society that until a certain age, one must accomplish something like education, marriage, job, etc.etc.. We have all heard of people who have started learning and going to college after their retirement. But have you heard of a young man of 96 years who has just enrolled for a P.G Course? 

With just 4 years to complete his century of age, Mr. Raj Kumar Vaishya of Patna enrolled for a P.G Course in Patna in the Nalanda Open University. At his age, people are mostly confined to their homes and bed, to the dependence of their relatives, but not this gentleman. 

Hats off to you sir.

To read more of these stories, keep on reading from the Better India website. They are surely doing a great job.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Salute to the Spiritual and a simple Scientist-President of India

Sometimes, you are short of words, sometimes you are too full of words that you want to explode and let it out with someone you know. It is said that when people are deeply connected with each other, they don't need to speak. They intuitively know each other's thoughts. I guess this is how mothers come to know of their children's issues even before they speak. Deep bonding. Mothers even come to know the mood of their offspring right when they step back into the home. 

Just my ramblings. 

Last month, our ex-President of India, APJ Abdul Kalam passed away, while delivering a lecture at a prestigious educational institute. We can say, he died with his boots on. On his job! Very few get to do that. But why is he so popular with the masses? Because he spearheaded the missile revolution in India and knew how to connect with people. 

AND, he lived simply. How many people do we know who have been a popular government figure but do not own a home? Too few. He was one amongst them. Sir Kalam did not own his home in Delhi or elsewhere, except his ancestral home in Rameshwaram. When he died, he only had a couple of shoes pair, 4 set of clothes and some money. He preferred simple food and did not fuss about anything. Inspite of being once upon a time, the 1st man of the country. There were no bad name attached behind him in his illustrious career. And yet, some stupid scientist from our neighbor country, Mr Khan said he was just an ordinary scientist. Hell yeah, he was ordinary, BUT, he was EXTRA-ordinary. There is much difference in that. I don't intend to put some links right now which refer to him as there are plenty available on the internet. 

I remember my indirect association with him some 11 years back or so. When I was nearing my 20, I had written him a letter on an important topic expressing my concern, He was the President of India. I never expected a reply back from him. Yet, I was elated when the postman asked for some sweet one afternoon and he handed me the coveted letter from his office. One was a receipt and one was his reply. Unfortunately, I lost his personal letter to me, if I remember he wrote it but the receipt still remains. 

Salute to you sir.