Saturday, July 24, 2010

Surprises all the way

Hi guys
Sorry for coming late yet again. This time also, the same reason . Searching job(s)....

Finally after a heavy showtime of summer season, the monsoon has finally settled in India. Some of the parts have experienced floods and some are yet to get that experience. Monsoon always gives a surprise to everyone all over the world.

I also got the best surprise of my life recently. I had got ATKT in my 1st semester of my DCA and had given exam for my 2nd semester also. Though I had worked hard this time, I was sure that I would get atleast 1 ATKT in one subject.
The result was yet to come and it got 3 months for the results to come out.
0ne fine evening, I got a sms from a friend that the results had came out , so I went to college to check out my results of both semesters with full belief that I would get hitched once again. I was the only one to reach there first.

I first checked out my 1st semester results and voila!! I got passed right by the dot marks needed to pass. Then i gathered courage and checked out my 2nd semester results and to my most shocked surprising happiness, I had cleared my 2nd semesters also with flying colors. I didn't know what to do or whether I was seeing a dream , so I asked a faculty passing by, if what I was seeing was correct, and she confirmed it.

We have seen students having tears in their eyes because of their bad results but here I was, feeling some drops forming in his eyes for the first time because he had passed in all subjects. So accustomed I had became to getting ATKT results that This shock was hard to digest but finally I did it.Of course this results were the hard work of me only , having toiled hard for 3 nights without sleeping for each subject, but you can never expect any good news from our college.

see ya soon