Sunday, January 19, 2014

Friends or No Friends... or Just a Temporary Stranger

Temporary stranger? Yes, could not find a more appropriate word at the moment I am writing this blog

What do you call a person you connect on a personal level to? A friend I guess. A stranger you suddenly meet upon one fine day, interact with on a daily basis, connect with and then think of them as a friend. 

All goes well.. for some time.. until one fine day or as days go by.. you get a hidden feeling that the friend you are connected to is ignoring you for no reason at all. You observe, you try to talk... you get ignored once again. You try to ask.. but get unsatisfactory answers... answers that have no meaning. And a doubt comes to your mind. Did some certain person say something against me to the friend? Was it just a routine time pass to make? 

And.. the friend is only a good friend.. nothing else
 so what is the solution?

As they say.. time heals.. but time may take too much time, which may or may not be good. But the only solution is to let it go.. let it heal on its own. If something good comes out of it, it's good.. otherwise.. then also it's good. You have tasted a new lesson -about life and practicality. 

Can not write longer and more on this.. loss of words.. and ideas. 


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