Thursday, June 11, 2009

whats wrong with australia?

hi guys.

well like the topic suggests, we very well know about the problem with us Indians in Australia.
it has now became a global kind of problem.....

whats really wrong with this Australian's , we might want to know . well as i can put it, these guys are just trying to gain popularity in the world.
a Australian guy must have bashed up an Indian and then it became a sort of mass hysteria to bash up Indian's or rather say curry bashing of Indians. specially in times of so called recession as there is shortage of funds both in their pockets and in their minds.

but what is actually prompting these young teenagers and young people to single out Indian's specifically? the root of the problem lies in the fact that we Indians are now moving ahead globally wherever we are and going to top posts and doing good professionally, which these people cant digest. they are just living in the age old notion that Indians are born to suffer and Indian's are born to be ruled. wake up guys, its high time you did so. Indians are also earning good more then these people.

right now the Indian's are protesting peacefully . the Australian police instead of protecting the Indian's are in mood of covering Australian's . they also are of the same kind of mentality .
Indian's want to end everything peacefully in a calm manner so they don't react the same way in violent manner. but do these Australian's know that if things go out of hand , what would actually happen? the same Indian's who are known for their calmness and understanding will come to their basic roots. and no Indian needs to be taught about fighting and rioting and reacting back. its natural in them. once these Indian's , like i said, come back to their basic roots, then god save these Australian people. the Australian's will be refugees in their own countries or to say the least, they will roam in streets from fear of Indian's.

what is now a wonderful country of beaches will now turn to wonderful country of Indian's everywhere if things are not taken care of..
lets hope that it finishes soon enough and we get back to normal time as was before otherwise god save those idiots.


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