Wednesday, November 4, 2009

absent minded professor?

hey guys
how are you? i come to you this time not with any sermon , not with any suggestion , not with any debate.. I come to you this time with a funny incident of my college which happened with me today .

i thought it was too much of long posts and discussions so let me just put up this funny thing...

I have recently started studying for a DCA course in computer. a student of my " caliber" studying something of computer and that too subject of C programming. wow!  But miracles do happen sometimes.
ya, so we gave our first internal exams around 2 months back and the results were just declared last week..Well what to say of our great college. At the time of marks declaration i was not there due to some reason.. Although i am a regular there and all know me including the teaching staff, I was not present during marks giving. I am among the few rare flock who attend his lectures "Regularly".  If you look up at him, you are sure to be reminded of an adult Rabbit. So I expectedly went up today on prior appointment  to the C programming teacher and asked him my marks.

That guy gave me a blank expression giving an impression that i was an alien from outer world. I had to give my introduction 2 times, after that he gave me another blank expression like i was disturbing his afternoon nap. He, fortunately found my paper among his heap of files and paper quickly  and without looking up , hopelessly gave it to me.

Needless to say that the marks on the paper were not much looking after and looking at all of my friends and classmate's paper , comparatively i would say that i had secured marks good enough to laugh about . i had got a single digit mark[s] along with the class scholar.ha ha!

after coming out, i called out my friends who had not got their marks like me and they quickly went in. Looks like he was so frustrated on us or on his day goings that within 5 mins, I saw him go out of college hurriedly.

But mind you, he is a genius in his subject and well read.

ok so here completes my funny incident of the day and i should say a short one.
WOW! I did this short?  I cant believe my eyes man.

see ya.. enjoying another miracle right now.


alien said...

finally u came up wid a shorter one, which i could read... and also u're going d engineers way by scoring single digit marks... cool... keep it up brp...

Kash said...

well whoes that frustrated guy... u are talking about.....???