Tuesday, December 11, 2012

co incidence or something else?

Hey guys,
Back again...
Have you ever encountered a co- incidence or something like that in your life? We all have some or the other time at some places . There are endless cases of them.

The co- incidence i am thinking about right now is the earthquake that happened in Haiti recently this month. Is it a co incidence ?

You must be thinking of why I am giving it this name. We all must have in memory of our minds the earthquake of Gujarat , specially in saurasthra region. It happened exactly 10 years before on republic day in january. I can remember it very well because I was in 10th std at that time and I was enjoying the wonderful holday sleeping in bed when my bed began shaking violently.I thought it was my mom trying to shake me out of my bed and sleep , so when I opened my eyes, I was shocked to see no one near me. Wow! For the first time I had experienced earthquake.All ran out of the house only to return 5 mins back safely . God had spared Baroda. But  it was january month at year 2000 .

And this haiti quake happened in Jan 2010 . Exactly 10 years after. Is this co incidence or nature trying to warn us or tell us something. This Haiti earthquake has not even spared the presidential palace there. Nature when furious spares no one.  god's or nature's sense of humour is going sick day by day. Playing practical jokes on people who are backward compared to other world and that too in a place of Haiti. sick humor...

bye guys.... see you sometime soon.

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