Sunday, October 1, 2017

Dont Buy More Books

These are the words that my father often says to me nowadays.

I have been a good book reader along with my brother from my childhood. Due to that, my cupboard has been overstuffed with books. That irritates my father who believes that since books have been read by us and are no longer been read regularly by us, it is time that they are sold or new books are not purchased at all. 

We have inherited this book reading habit from my mother and father-partly. My father reads-Newspapers 3 times a day... 

I can't afford to sell books or do away with them. Half of them have been purchased by my elder bro, who refuses to part with them even while he's settled in Canada.

So the situation is: I can't sell the books or do away with them nor I can purchase new, because my dad goes into hyper mode if he sees new books. He thinks its a waste of money.

So I took the alternate mode- I purchased a Kindle Device. Now, I can read books, mark anything I want to and delete it when read. 

My father obviously was not happy-Waste of money.


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