Sunday, July 23, 2017

WiFi Addiction?

  WiFi is everywhere. 

  Except Antarctica of course!

 Have we humans become so overdependent on technology or the Internet that everywhere we go, we expect WiFi? We go to a friend's place and we ask for the password. We go to a public place and search for a free connection. Every 3 hours, we want to be connected to virtual world to know the latest news, see stupid stuff and what not! Yet, are we aware of our immediate neighbor?

Let me give you some interesting facts that I read here about a WiFi Survey.

It came to the fore that at least 73% of Indians surveyed said that they would exchange something for a strong WiFi Signal. Wow, that means we would unknowingly press the 'Accept' button for some minute of internet for something that we are unaware of!

What can be these things that we exchange the Wifi For?

It can be a small advertisement that wants to know our preferences for a product. It can be something that 'asks' us to allow an access to our personal emails, bank accounts or online dating websites. Not to forget those famous advertisements that ask for permission to edit our social media profiles. 

Indians are increasingly becoming addicted to the Wifi. In their homes, in public places. The urge to stay connected with their peers, remain updated with latest news.....

But we are forgetting that when we access internet at public places, we put our personal information at stake. This can invite some trouble from wannabe hackers. 

One more disadvantage is WiFi's effect on birds. Have we noticed that sparrows are becoming less or extinct now? Why? Probably because of WiFi rays everywhere and cutting of trees to make way for 'Development'.

Protect yourselves.

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