Wednesday, November 30, 2016

United in Marriage, United in Water

Couple of months ago, I had went to Nareshwar, the place known for Saint Rang Avadhoot near the banks of River Narmada.

All people go, nothing extraordinary!

Before going to the ashram, we thought to have a good look at the river. Just about time as we reached the river, the boatman was getting ready to leave with the tourists to the other side of the riverbank. My parents immediately jumped on the boat to my surprise and called me in. 

Nothing unusual!

As we went to the other side and waited for more passengers to come back to our shore again, I noticed a picture of a newly wedded couple floating in the river. I thought it was funny that people even resorted to flinging their picture with their spouse like this. Maybe a marriage that ended in divorce or an extra picture that came out of a bag unnoticed. I showed it to my mother. She immediately asked me to pray for them.

As I got the wind of the situation, I kept quiet! Later on the way, she told me that most probably, it was a picture of a couple who had died together suddenly after marriage due to some reason and it was a custom for their family to bid them goodbye like this.

This was unusual for me!

How Karma brings people together all of a sudden and then let them go in one instant. 


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