Sunday, November 13, 2016

No Choice Left

The last week has seen a lot of action in the country. Nobody expected the Indian P.M to suddenly throw a big surprise and a shock on the national T.V that Rs. 500 and 1,000 notes will not be in power anymore and new notes will come in existence.

The common man who does not understand the nitty grittys of the economy was more concerned about getting the possible required liquidity for their home expenses. Most of them accepted the fact that there must be something better in doing this. Of course people were/are little disturbed standing in long lines. 

In spite of the P.M's assurance that petrol pumps and hospitals would cooperate with the banned notes, some of them are not doing the same, specially the hospitals. How Inhuman! At the same time, there are examples of hospitals giving the treatment for free to people who do not have the required cash. 

All these to stop the black money in the market. The same black money that is used by money hoarders to satisfy their selfish ends without caring for the common people, the same money that is used by some political parties to win elections by dubious means, the same black money that is used by some people from across the border to fund the terrorists and lot more.

The hoarders immediately started throwing the money in fear of the raid. Crores thrown in the river Ganga, bags and bags of currency money thrown in the garbage dumps, and more!

Media immediately started doing its job. Projecting the news as it is and creating news as they thought. ( A newspaper reported that an elderly man passed away standing long hours in the line on the front pages, but later withdrew the statement and apologized with a small note in one of their interior pages that one can hardly catch a glance on.) 

And politicians? We all know what happened. Some U.P bigwig ministers immediately opposed the move. The famous muffler C.M as always put the blame on the P.M. I wonder if he even eats without remembering the P.M. The Congress Prince thought he could mingle with the public by standing in the line and withdrawing Rs.4000. Really! He has the need to withdraw this small amount of money? Not to mention that it was reported he didn't even knew how to use the ATM and had to ask the security guard to guide him! The guard even knows his Pin Number now!

Let's see how the effect goes in the coming time period. for now, the common man supports the P.M.

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