Sunday, April 17, 2016

From FAAT to FIT

It is now 4 months into the new year 2016 and I was sure that I will write my first post in January itself. But life chooses plans for you that can't be ignored. 

I am now shocked at myself that I am writing a post on the nation's wealthiest family's scion- Anant Ambani.

Yes, the same too FAAT young dude to now FIT dude. When I last saw him one or couple of years ago, I was not surprised. For starters, I thought he has the heredity in him passed from his illustrious grandfather to his father. He has maybe overdone it. 

But now when I saw his recent pictures last week on social media, I was surprised like everyone else. I instantly took to reading what his workout and regimen included. I was again not surprised. He has patiently and dedicatedly improved on himself following a strict diet, excercises, and yoga. 

Running or walking 21 km everyday or few days of a week is no small thing for a heavy guy followed by a strict zero sugar. Of course, he had all the amenities at his disposal but again, one needs dedication. 

Good going dude. 


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