Friday, November 6, 2015

Thank You Dr Shah

"Dr. Uncle is no more.... He passed away 3 days back"

These were the words my mother spoke as I came home from office yesterday evening and was talking to her about my day in the kitchen.

Surprised and in a state of unbelievable questioning, I asked her, " What? Say it again!"

"Dr Shah Uncle passed away 3 days back."

Still shocked, I continued drinking water for 5 seconds until reality dawned upon me that everyday people die, some we know of.

But it is nearly impossible to shed off Dr Shah's news. Why? Because, for the past 40 years or so, he had been our family doctor. Leave us, he was even family doctor of our neighbors as well.

Dr. Mahesh Shah had been a well known general physician in our area for more than 2 decades and more. A medium height and broad shoulders and typical doctor specs, he looked like a little fatty man  Every time I or someone had a cough or a fever, we would visit him and he would cure it. Yet, he was not able to win Cancer.

Yes, He had cancer or other similar disease. He was even taking a treatment for it periodically and would be absent from his clinic for months in the past couple of years. But when he was back, he would be his usual smiling self and ever helpful. Never did he rant about his new friend or say anything sarcastically about it.

Now, it would be a great task to find another doctor like him and of course, another human being as well.

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