Saturday, January 20, 2018

Instagram Irritables

Are you on Instagram?

I recently joined Instagram.

Not because I am a narcissistic guy. No, I like to click pictures and to improve or to take some inspiration of other great pictures taken by hundreds of others, I joined it.

I am glad that I did for I came across hundreds of examples of how I could improve my photography.

But, At the same time, I am little irritated of how people are using this medium to gain thousands of followers on Instagram, people are following others randomly irrespective of their storyline or subject and when the others follow back or don't follow, they unfollow them.

Then there are food bloggers or foodgramers. While some businesses understandably upload pictures of their delectable cuisine, other people upload food pics at random and expect people to like them.

Then there are inspirational quotes fanatics on Instagram. As if FB was not enough, these guys post these quotes even here.

Another type of guys I found are Narcissistic ones. They go to the gym, they click themselves, they go to work, they click themselves, they are on the way, they click themselves, repeat!

And then the travelers.

I am an occasional traveler myself, but I dont include myself in all the pictures. People want to see new destinations never seen before online, not you. Once, twice or five times is OK, but every-time?

And the last. These guys post nature pictures of sunsets and landscapes. Fine, good. But in order to reach out to hundreds of others, they over-edit the pictures. Too much saturation or use of colors make you think if a sunset over a landscape looks really this red?



Sharmila Ray said...

i came to ur post through ur instagram link too - there are always badies and goodies about everything. Well i to joined insta. this year. I thought i at least had the ability to see things differently n considered myself somewhat good at photography and wanted appreciation... and I used to feel bad when i don't get likes or follows... where as my cousins are doing great. i feel heart broken at times - but then i thought - one shouldn't be in too hurry and may be i am not that good too. I should keep learning n improve more :)

Loved reading ur post... interesting observations - it's actually weird seeing people being so desperate - I hope I never go to that extend!!

Sorry for such a lengthy comment :)

Kuldip said...

Hello Sharmilaji.

Thank you for your feedback. Yes, you are right. Over the period of 1.5 months, I have learned that if you keep clicking good pictures and post them, genuine people will like your pictures and follow you. Rest will get filtered over time.

By the way, I saw your instagram profile and I have already followed you Under name of kuldipjj. You click good pictures.

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