Wednesday, May 11, 2016

No Beef! Holy Cow!

It seems India and Indians are now two different entities. Earlier, almost 97% of Indians were in favor of beef ban. Well, I guess that was many eons ago. Now the conditions seems to have changed a little bit.

Now, some Indians can't seem to decide whether to adopt beef or not. Some are still not in favor of it (Thank Heavens). While so called modern and elite people now are in favor of beef. 

There have been many arguments on pros and cons of eating beef. Of course, it is always a personal choice. But there is quite a difference when it comes to eating healthy and choosing an 'alternative' to eating.

Well, I came upon a blog post from a spiritual guru in India. The blog clearly opines my opinion about the beef. I am putting it down here. It makes a lot of logical sense as why cows are considered sacred and why the beef should not be taken. 

"Why did the ancient rishis support the preservation of cows? There is no other animal whose dung you can use as an antiseptic, or to pave the ground and have a clean space. No other animal’s dung is used, including human. Furthermore, a cow is supposed to be similar to a tree. A tree absorbs all the carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. A cow in its fifteen years of life, is supposed to absorb all the negativities of society, but it leaves the dung which is pure. 

This means it stores everything and keeps it in the body. That is why they say, “If you eat that meat, you eat all the contamination of the world.“ They also say it’s an injustice to an animal which is preserving the composition of the atmosphere. Just like when you cut a tree, you are actually cutting down your option for oxygen. 

The cow is the only species which can absorb all the negativity and release only the positive. The dung, the urine are good for Ayurvedic medicines. Its milk and butter are edible. We should respect cows because they are good to us. They are always meditative and non-aggressive. There is God in every portion of its body. This is because each deity has a particular character and constitution. So each part of the body has a character and a constitution which absorbs negativity into the body. 

Why did we lose all this tradition? When did we lose it? We lost it when we started looking outside. If you look inside, you have the answers. This is logical. Why did all the rishis have this? Even in our house, when you have a cow or a calf, it automatically protects the house, preventing any entities from coming inside. The people are healthy because the cows absorb all the negativities. They store them, then die and leave. 

 they remove a lot of things. This is what has been told by the saints. We must understand the truth behind all this, then there will be no confusion. No other animals are in that category, because they don’t have that capacity, including humans."

Just my thoughts and someone's thoughts too.... without his permission.. but I am sure that he wont mind me quoting him here.


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