Thursday, August 13, 2015

What is the Law of Karma Here?

Sometimes, we all wonder on the right laws of the law of karma. Things that happen unexpectedly around us may sometimes shake us or leave us questioning the guy or lady sitting up there, why this?

Ok, Coming to the point! 

One of our family friend's  family lives nearby our home. The relations are right from my grandpa's time. They are one old lady, 2 sons, one wife, and 2 daughters. The home is run financially from the pension of the widow old lady and one of the son working in a company. The son was around 50 or so. 

You will ask what the other son was/is doing. The other younger son is mentally unstable from childhood and sits at home all day without doing anything. 

The sane son would often come to my dad seeking financial suggestions. We had not seen him from some time now. Everyone assumed that he must have been busy, but.....

Today, when I came home from office, my mother informed me that it has been a year since the sane son or uncle passed away from Cancer a year ago. 

Now another part of the story. The 2 daughters that he had.... One is still studying and other has finished college and has started a job. At present, the financial situation can be said ok. The bread keeps on coming.

My question is, but what will happen once the old lady dies and along with her the pension as well? What will happen when the sole responsibility of finance will come on the elder girl? When the girls marry off, what will happen to the mother and the other son-the mentally ill guy?

If the law of karma is so  cruel, there should be some concession or discount for situations like this.

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Megha Sandesh said...

Life is cruel, and unfortunately does not come with simple answers. The only real difference you can make is knowing that everything will still go away and still keep fighting