Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day In.

Yesterday was Mother's Day.

A day to remember every mother's sacrifice and spend a day for her with her.

But the question is ... why only one day dedicated to mothers?

Can't we spend everyday with our mothers? Is it necessary that we remember her sacrifices only on a specific day?

In India, every mother is an epitome of work, work and more work in the family. Even if they are ill or otherwise.

Mine is no different.

Last month, my mother fell down in the compound in order to scare away monkeys from eating the mangoes from the tree she had rose by hard work. Her hand got fractured. True to her habit, she did not let me know. I came home from office and could not find my parents, only to be told by my grandmother that they were out for some work.

But as the clock struck 9:00 p.m, I felt something odd. My parents generally come down at 8:30 pm to home and then go back after dinner. I called her and came to know that they were on the way.
Then as a surprise, my mother suddenly barged into my home yelling and smiling, "Surprise".showing off her big plaster.

The doctor has/had asked her to take rest for 4 weeks and do not indulge in any cooking and other stuff. But true to her nature and habit, despite a maid now temporarily cooking meals at home, she has struck to her normal routine. Directing the maid about cooking, doing other things that she can do with one hand and use of her other free fingers of her fractured hand, etc.etc. It is not that I don't help or ask her to sit down. She has got into the habit of taking every work as her sole responsibility.

I am sure that all mothers around the planet or at least in India are the same. Stubborn when it comes to work, dutiful around the home.

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