Friday, July 18, 2008

executive type-2 - raaja harishchandra ki jai ho.

this type of executive is a rare species now like the kiwi bird. hehehehe. honest, truthful and sincere. either they go on in life or they just don't click in this fast moving material immoral world.

like i said before they are so truthful and honest that they dont want to cheat the customer even by saying a white lie. they believe in jeeyo but dusre ki ghanti mat bajao. when they go to the customer they go with the conviction of a gandhi mentality and when they return , they may either be in state of albert pinto or sachin tendulkar after his century.

in reality also, the customer expects every executive to behave like this and tell the truth about the product as it is. but he himself has had too many harrowing experiences with other executives that his first 10 mins with the executive goes in scanning him while interacting with him. not a good way to judge someone in 10 mins , agreed but in all a customer can give 30 mins for the talks or business to click otherwise its now or never for both of them. and the hard REALITY IS THAT WHATEVER A PERSON IS FROM INSIDE , HE EXPECTS THE SAME FROM THE OPPOSITE PERSON.

ok so coming back to the main topic, when the executive goes to the customer's place.. he is asked to sit down for a while before the 'king' finally arrives . then the basic pleasentries are exchanged and for 5 mins they get ready to face each other in court of debates. then the executive presents the brochure of the product he is endorsing and starts explaining things about it.
the executive is so much truthful here that he would even tell the cons of the product he is not supposed to tell. he finishes the entire explanation in some time and then the ball is in customer's court.

the customer then analyses the product for 5-6 mins and then gives his verdict. if he buys the product then well and good but if not then the executive tries to convince the customer once again . if then also he is not convinced the executive just says, ok sir, thank you, in case of new product, we will contact you, see you, have a nice day and he goes out of the house.

this truthful guy then is left to thinking if he should be like 'other ' executives who do anything to get their product sold but their conscience comes in their way and some of these species are such that if they even for 1 time cheat their customers they are not able to sleep in the night. now these types may end up in sarkari naukri if they dont succeed or may open their small business or a shop . they are god's men in short. born to suffer, born to smile , born to receive salary only.

if they go ahead in life in this line then they can move mountains and improve the line below.

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