Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Musings from the Past Months

Sometimes, you have lots to explain or describe and sometimes you are at a loss of words. 

Only when you move around or travel, you see the double edged sword of life. You come across people who are living in much lower conditions than we and yet happily living life better than us. What is it that separates them from us in terms of satisfaction or fulfillment? 

Acceptance, I guess! or the ability to take one day at a time in life?

What is much better to have-Dengue or chickengunya?

One can say, both are worse. Yes indeed! Dengue gives you fever, headache and a life threatening situation. Chickengunya as I have learnt is not fatal, but leaves you irritated and exhausted. 2 Weeks before, my family contracted chickengunya, beginning with my father than my mother and then me. Dad recovered soon. For me, it was 2 days of the usual fever and rounds of doctor but it left my bones feeble along with irritating skin rashes. 

Ever heard of the Vishwamitri River? If you are from Baroda-the city where I live in, you probably have. For others, its a small river running through our city. A few days back, I read in the newspaper that in the earlier days, the river was used for washing and bathing and people actually used to drink water from it. 


Now, it is worse than a gutter. Literally! Even animals dont venture near the river, but yes, you will find lots of crocodiles in the river for sure!. I often come to think of what we humans have done to the environment. In the greed of money and power, we set up industries and put all the waste in the rivers and oceans. 

There were demons and monsters in the olden mythology times. Now there are humonsters as I call it. 

Just some thoughts.....

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