Sunday, June 18, 2017

A True Karma Yogi

We often come across people in our lives who leave a permanent mark upon us and teach us something in a subtle or practical manner. Whether it is teaching us how to live life practically, how to help others subtly and how to progress.

These people have themselves gone through tiring situations and circumstances in their life and have come out a better person each time. They maintain their calm and composure always. Their mind is under their control. A controlled mind can do wonders for people, isn't it?

This makes people automatically give them respect. After all, respect is earned and not demanded! 

But why am I talking all these? I am, because I would today like to introduce a person who has had a huge impact in my life and probably, my brother's life too.

Jayessh Patel!

Yes, this individual has garnered respect in hundreds of people in Gujarat, who have been trained under him for mind control. He has been a mind control trainer for 2 decades-yes, 20 years. A trainer, who knows how a particular student-whether a youngster or an elder, needs to be trained according to their nature. His students are all over the world, doing great in their respective professions or jobs.

There are many mind trainers in the world, so what makes him different? For starters, Jayessh Patel or Jayessh Uncle (for me) as noted above, always connects one to one or personally to each and all. His mind control teachings have helped people in their professions, personal lives and also to help others as well. 

But first, lets dive briefly into his background.

Jayessh Patel was settled in Kenya. But suddenly, life threw a bouncer at him and he had to come back to India due to his increasing back pain. He was unable to walk straight and had to use a cane or two for support. The doctors had given up on him! 

He learnt mind control methods and first healed himself of his back pain completely before teaching thousands of others the same. Even the doctors were stunned of this miracle in his life!

He took it upon himself to teach people how to grow in life by first helping themselves and then others. Jayessh Patel is always available for people who have a query, a doubt about the mind control techniques they have learnt or need guidance from him anytime. I myself have sought his help many times at odd hours of the day and he has always been willing to guide me in my life.

Jayessh Patel has conducted more than 350 mind control workshops in 20 years. Owing to his wide experience of mind control expertise and connecting to people personally, he has now introduced the ‘Miracle Mind’ control workshop

His Miracle Mind Control Workshop which will be operational from June 2017 onward will focus on the following aspects:

  • Goal Achievement
  • Healing Power (for personal and others)
  • 3rd Eye Activation
  • Being magnet for success
  • Growth (Spiritual, physical and life)
  • Controlling your mind and more.
If you or anyone, who is really interested in personal development, can definitely contact him. Again, a genuine, caring and down to earth individual.

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